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Jessica William

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No farmers No foods

not a good day eating dog food until i shit

ขอบคุณ Food support ของทุกๆคนและทุกๆบ้านมากๆนะคะ Thank you everyone for support Zee NuNew and ZeeNuNew 🍊🍎🥐🍞🥙🥘🍲🧋🥤

🤦🏻 “A maskless crowd of dozens opposing NYC’s indoor vaccination mandate stormed into the food court while chanting, ‘USA!’ Their goal: eat without showing proof of vaccination. ‘Everybody go get food and eat. That’s what we’re here to do!’ a woman said.”

Jungkook's endless love in foods. None replace it. Jungkook as Maknae ColdplayXBTS Watch it more time

me when the waiter servin other ppl food but i’m still waitin on mines🤨🥲

"Me after eating junk foods Vs me next day"

Pumpkin ice cream?? 3 healthy fermented recipes that won"t take you months - Delicious LivingI am passionate about fermented foods. I love making them, eating them, and inventing new…deliciousliving.com3 healthy fermented recipes that won"t take you months - Delicio

Headcanon- Tora trying new foods and technology when he leaves jail with the help of Luna and Mana (who make it into a tik tok series and when it gets popular enough to make profit they give him all the money and tell him this is their way of helping him get on his feet)

He deserves all the good things in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN AND EAT GOOD FOOD AND ENJOY YOURSELFFFFF Mark Tuan Fashion Week

junk food but it tastes good

🗣What matters is not what to eat, but who to eat with ! ! ✨

Yuji had been "consulting" with Yuki about playing in Italy for a long time. Not only volleyball, he also consulted about daily life and food in Italy, so he can imagine it. 😆 © SPORTIVA

i overlooked this 🥲 MJ MBTI: ENFP one word to describe yourself: happy virus favorite food: seafood actually i’m ‘cutie vs sexy’: cutie angel what’s tiktok for you? a small happiness

I stand with our annadatas, our farmers, the reason we have food on our plates everyday. Do you?

If this lockdown has taught us something then it is that only That everyone can live without Concerts,Malls, Cinemas and Restaurants... But the Only thing which the individuals were not not able to live without was the <FOOD =FARMERS >

Don’t ask me if I’m sane, ask what kind of foods I eat

Fox News: The refugees at the border are a terrible danger because they might be carrying Covid. Also Fox News: Don’t miss the indoor anti-mask freedom rally at your local food court.

No Farmers No Food No Future Every Indian must realise that without farmers & the entire agricultural community our nation will never be able to prosper. It's time to stand by the annadatas who have been carrying our satyagraha since last one year.

Spices, spice seeds, and herbs are employed as adjuncts to impart flavor and aroma or piquancy to foods. In the small quantities used to prepare culinary dishes, they have little nutritional value. Give us an opportunity to serve you. Mobile No: +91 98077-95077

Those who post the picture before official pages did, i wish for u the baddest day ever. Wishing u eat cold foods everyday and your fan and air cond didnt work while u sleep