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Jessica William

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prettiest girl in the room

now why am i here

Girls are temporary, lineups are forever

[📢] Introducing . YURINA GLOBAL & have united in support of and Girls Planet 999 contestant Kawaguchi . See more details below ↓

Day6 sungjin: Soldier sungjin: what is camera? R u lost baby girl

no, because can we talk abt the girl at the back..!?!?!? 😭

Turns out the girl is a former broadcaster turned influencer, 37 years old, divorcee. I don't know about you, but that's doesn't sound like someone who can be "manipulated" into an abortion. Seems like there's a lot to be unearth here.

so i heard yall miss all 99 girls

do you know who is this girl?

Car girls Car guys

I see guys saying only on twitter & girls still date broke guys in real life. The problem isn’t necessarily brokenness… it’s loser energy. Telling someone you’re splitting the bill at the table after asking them out is loser energy. Discussing it while planning the date is not.

So the rumors were true. We're not perfect human after all. But why now after the huge success of the drama? Coincidence? Hidden motive of the girl? I just don't get it after all Kim Seon Ho's hardwork then suddenly the girl just came out of nowhere. 😤 Ctto.

CL played a lot of unreleased songs/remixes that she worked on IATB feat. Justin Bieber Asian girls = Hello bitches feat. M.I.A All In feat. Chris Brown Let It feat. Park Bom and Dara and more...

These girls live singing is just super solid. You definitely can hear them singing live yet their vocal is super stable. As expected from Cube artists 👏🏻👏🏻

the it girl title is secured

Martes de Girls and gays:

yasss girl go get that grammy!!!

The pandemic has amplified the world’s most enduring injustice: the power imbalance between men and women. Bridging the gender divide - including through investments in the care economy - is not only a matter of justice for women & girls, it’s a game-changer for all of us.

. Voting Alliance We are encouraging FANSÉS to vote for on the Final Interim for Girls Planet 999. ONE DAILY VOTE per account is available on the Universe App. Please check this thread for the tutorial prepared by .

and i still want a blackpink animated television show or movie like the spice girls had with spiceworld

[NOTICE] Addressed to those who have messaged us regarding collaboration voting between NU'EST (AAA 2nd round) and Girl's Planet 999. We ask for your understanding. Thank you.