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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

wait- so yall mass reported this girl for getting a jack harlow follow … yall know damn well jack wouldn’t approve of that .

A verified account needs attention so bad and deliberately stage R girl when he quoted another stan. REPORT 5x 🔗

Happy Birthday to Nation's It Girl Nayeon🤍

Goodnight Friends feeling a little crappy so I’m going to try and get some sleep, love you all hope everyone has sweet dreams 💖

Missing BrightWin Infinity Love BrightWin Infinity

🙂 People defending it as a joke, I don't get it what kind of a joke it was?? If it was, what was the point of deleting the tweet?? And of all things that could have been used for a joke the very stereotypical 15 yr old girls and “Unusal visitors” 🤨

james corden? calling 875' visiting the UNGA "unusual guest"? and calling our fandom ARMYs "bunch of 15 year old girls"? literally what's your point? no ones laughing. you don't deserve their kindness, at all. this is so unprofessional. James Corden CANCELLED

5555 girls with folding ears.

I almost forgot to post this here lol Anyway, here's the last of the fishnet leggings idea! I couldn't pick between one of these girls so I picked them all haha

remind me your genre again? correct, you're a boy, this are for girls only

Little sketch of one of my new girls

Did James Corden really called us ARMYs as 15 year old girls????

girls only want one thing and its

the 15 year old girls narrative is so repetitive tiring misogynistic disrespectful and as always .. not taking bts and their fans seriously

“paint us like one of yo french girls

and girls have the audacity to say their life is harder

Girls night girls night