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Jessica William

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top 10 most amazing cinematic parallels


You deserves nothing but the best, we are still proud of you our amazing Su Ruiqi. You did well 🤍 SU RUIQI OUR STAR

From crying because her cell was chosen the last to cry because she's P02 and debuting. SHE'S AMAZING

Here are few amazing designs for PAN India Star birthday celebrations.

"V THE SNlPER IS AMAZING" He really is! He got the perfect aim and sharp vision! Definitely hit everyone's heart bullseye 🎯

you did amazing myah, thank you for everything, I’ll always be rooting for you no matter what! you’ll debut and you’ll be amazing just wait, my love. let’s debut okay? :,) fighting!

an idol who’s never afraid to challenge herself 💗 i’m so proud to be a fan of such an amazing idol 💗 our world star that always shine the brightest, let’s always walk on flowery path 🌸💗

you did an amazing job tonight chanyeol, we're all so proud of you.

It’s Fan Art Friday! Today we’re continuing with themed fan art! Amazing work! Be sure to follow the artists! ❤️ (🎨 by , , Logically.Simple & !)

Jasmin amazing dance performance and are treanding 🥳🥳

Been a great journey for us both. Moved to Ireland - got our masters - got amazing jobs. Can't wait see what we do next. Happy anniversary baby ❤️ 4 years of blessings upon blessings.

looks promising. Dialogues, scenes & the plot line, all seems pretty interesting. Given it's based on true events, it's definitely going to be an amazing watch. looks different. Looking forward to watch .

Q. Please do your own favorite pose from today's shoot 🎁 (*trying to copy Chanhee's usual pose at the back) This one? 🐧 No, during my solo cut, I was pictured while sitting like this (*poses) 👥 Wow~ amazing! Yeah~ baaam! Woooh! 🐧 (caption: quick exit)

bobpul’s instagram update “to moon-nim... moon-nim, please look out for attacca to be amazing from kim bobpul ♥️” and tagged mingyu on the moon 🥺🥺🥺

Self-assembling metal neuron:

If you stan MONSTA X, then you stan talented boys! These boys produce amazing music, in any language! Who's excited for The Dreaming? WE ARE! ❤️

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