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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

"have u ever been crazy in love?' yuna: yes! THE LOOK ON HER UNNIES FACES PLS THEY WERE SHOOTING DAGGERS SGDHAD then relieved when she said "to midzys, mom and dad, her sister" 😭

sanha's arm accidentally hit(?) mj's head (or was it the other way around bc excited mj LOL) look at how sanha held mj's head after CRIES

eh nct 127 has already pre-recorded for the show a long time ago look at their hair, so will they come for the encore today 🤔

And it keeps getting better and better!!! There's a lot to look forward to before 2021 wraps up. 😉

Look at this baby so cutie li'l patootie 🥺❤

under appreciated look

This is actually my favourite rasm in a wedding. It’s always fun and this was no different. Look at the glow and happiness on their face 🧿♥️

Here we present the alignment of stars at the exact time and place of birth of Sam Vishal, 22 years ago. Everytime when he look at this photo frame,may it remind him how the stars aligned for the birth of a precious soul!! Happy birthday sam !!

daily fgo day 186: jason don't look at me

Fem Zoro doodles. This is what Oda said he'd look like right lol

omg my hong si ah LOOK AT HERRRR

no but look at this… 2018 - i was at my lowest, nasty, disgusting & broke, career in shambles. mental health in a nosedive toward the island on Lost 2021 - 1 year on HRT, still all the same shit but sexy now

"You take you a deuce, you don’t sit there and look at it. You flush it and move on. We gon' flush it and move on" - Jalen Hurts

Hey , look up, look way, way up!

Super excited to See jasmins look in the mv 🔥💃can't wait PEENE LAGE HO OUT NOW

they look so expensive

Look at them being the visual couple 🥺💚🧡 they’re so damn fine and they looks so good together too.

a reminder that this is how bts would most likely look in the LA concert:

ayo look who's home <3