Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

taehyung owns brown/beige suits

Goodnight and sweet dreams friends I’m exhausted love you all 💖✨

Necrontyr/Necrons are very tol They are anywhere from 7ft at shortest, to 9 ft to tallest... and sometimes bigger. Oracle is over 7ft tall lol (Sister of Battle for comparison)

jeongwoo really has many girl friends (i mean friends and girl) 😂

PLEASE SHARE to help police find 11-year-old Raven Smith who was last seen at approximately 11:40 p.m. Sunday in the 10200 block of Windsor Oaks Way in Lanham, MD:

Azah stans kids in their rooms after hearing their mama yell at their phones about a girl named Hannah for the 100th time in a day instead of making them dinner:

Angel is sweet and she deserves to be in finale. We can make it happen. Let's go all out to vote our baby girl.

Oscar just kept passing notes to the girl through the bookshelf instead of just talking to her he's so funny pleasejdbdbsnd

me and the girls going shopping

My claim to fame is that I’m the banana girl from the Harry styles concert

okay i am genuinely sorry that i can’t stop tweeting about gilmore girls this week but i just screamed out loud

goodnight oomfs i <3 changbin nothing new

yujin and yeseo watching the other kgroup girls tear eachother apart for the planet pass

You have been phenomenal from day 1. Just keep playing they way you do coz that's what has brought you here and will definitely take you higher. We are extremely proud of you and we know you will do well. All the best! Good luck ❤️🙌😇

Been a kpop stan since 2017 but who would have thought that the group i'm most attached to is this girls and they are not even an idol😭😭


twitter won’t let me post voice tweets so i recorded it but this is moments after his gf found out he was talking to other girls 😭

Isabelle Oldies the girl really knows how to use her tits apparently

Skinny girls with tiny boobs.

Girls:long nail doesn’t matter can do anything Me: