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Jessica William

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it's fucking painful to see what they do with such an amazing character

ATEEZ XR SHOW [FEVER : eXtended edition] ATINY! Get ready for this amazing eXperience with ATEEZ! 🗓 Ticket Open : OCT 22, 2021(Fri) 3PM(KST) ▶︎ Tickets Available at - GLOBAL & KOREA : MyMusicTaste, YES24 TICKET - JAPAN : SKIYAKI

you’ve done amazing, our pride, our king arthurkyeom! xcalibur forever ⚔️♥️

Truly amazing Roha!! 💜💜💜

Flexing my girl KWON YURI. she's really amazing😍

Shirou day is probably my favorite day of the year. The last 2 years of my life have been shit but every Shirou day has been amazing.

Wonho blue and wonho blue letter album was amazing 💙

Elon Musk: I want to bring driverless vehicles to India. Meanwhile India... Credit. Unknown

4th-Anniversary Tour: Singapore When you try not to take a cliché travel photo but can't resist saying the classic quote: "Merlion, cheese~!" Kudos to Captain To for the amazing fanwork!

"Even if my reputation as Hokage is ruined, I'm still your father! And if it's for the sake of their child, A parent can call forth amazing power."

’s part in Stay With Me is going viral on China’s Tiktok (Douyin) with thousands of videos as part of a new challenge! Amazing and legendary!

Amazing!🔥 2021 No. 43 Global Billboard Singles Chart Top 200👑 LISA is in TOP10!(October 23th) Aain,I cut LISA part and some amazing artists!!)(a little long but make you feel excited that LISA is here😭) No.7 MONEY-LISA No.27 LALISA-LISA No.153 HOW YOU LIKE THAT - BLACKPINK

[actress_minseo Instagram Post] "IUnim, this album is amazing too👍 Minseo is listening to Strawberry Moon everyday. She hasn't been coming out of her room for a while and asked me to post it." ++

We’re getting more Flash and Black Lightning in and I’m so damn excited

WKorea changed their Facebook cover and Jennie looks absolutely amazing. Go give them a like 💝