Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Tony, this is the last album we will have created together, but the celebration of jazz, and us as musical companions, will live on with me forever. We offer the public “Love For Sale” for free love, to make them smile, because that’s what we’re here for. ❤️ Love, LG

Lisa knows exactly how to make jennie smile.

His smile T___T

a day is never complete without moonbin's sweet smile passing thru your timeline

Start your day with your biggest smile 🤠

These days i have to look twice because this particular mewgulf’s style of smile is very much identical 😭

Thoughts on Bon (the killer Bon, that is) hand them over... ✋

Progress is being done!

This genre of jungkook looking at jimin with a soft little fond smile whenever they are live without jimin noticing it

minghao can do the bare minimum but still put a smile on my face

Yung smile and gestures nila, so genuine 🧡

taemin’s smile makes the world a better place ♡

thinking about how happy and bright cheol’s smile was when he saw carats performing clap with svt too in 300x2

I like the way you smile 💙🐣 (⋈⚭⃛ ⌅⃝⚭⃛)ᕘ (⋈⚭⃛ ⌅⃝⚭⃛)ᕘ

When they smile SAMRAKHI

everything about this clip is so beautiful~ let's protect earthmix's precious smile y'all!! 🥺

JENLISA IN LILIFILM 😭 this made me smile

she's makes everyone smile whatever she goes

Happy Gardens by Optiven is a unique project that will offer permanent happiness, a perpetual smile and emotional bliss to all those who build their homes here. Be among the first to own a piece of this. Call 0720966926