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it's about who cook them more than the food itself

Gotta love healthy food after a hike 😋

Comm for ! Secret RPG pro tip: If you've got a belly full of enemies (or allies) right before a boss fight and don't want to be encumbered in combat, leveling up first will automatically apply all your food bonuses instantly! Trust me, my uncle works at [game company]!

Good morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm having mexican food for breakfast. 🥰

hands over INR 2 lakh to each of the families of the killed and 20 thousands to the injured. 900 shelters, food packets and 200 tube wells have also been distributed among the evacuated

I call this my "Dadvlogger about to unleash a rant about the parking situation at Whole Foods" look.

BalloonBalloon /// كٔـَؤد ٍ \\\ $$خًِصًٌمٔ & أونٰـــاس أنــّاس //// SD242 SD242 BalloonBalloon dO35mN he language used to describe the foods we eat can have a huge effect on how we perceive them:

Have mercy. Stop killing animals for food. “Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save humans and animals alike, O Lord.” — Psalms 36:6

I agree with Republicans don’t care about 6 million Americans? Well, they’re going to continue to be paid; have a roof over their head, food on the table, stocked refrigerator and pantry, healthcare, and so much more…while 6 million Americans suffer b/c of them.

Seonho assuring Minah that she did well. No wonder she has always said that Seonho makes filming fun & comfortable. From directors, co-stars, crew, sometimes even the staff in food trucks everyone says he’s really kind in real life 🥺

His hair color similar to the foods😭😭😭

Imam Husayn ibn Ali [a] said The Prophet (SAWA) used to raise his hands and implore and beg [to Allah] just like the poor man begs for food

reply with your favorite country city food color

If you see us in your garden please feed us cat food and/or vegetables. Fresh water not milk. We wander the streets at night and our paws don't allow us to run fast . . so if you see us on the road, lift us off of it. If you lift us below the belly, we won't jag you. Thank you.

When you brush your teeth is important after eating certain foods.

Made pancakes in foods class

Welcome, Rosie to BP Raw Pet Foods. Rosie likes the Turkey meal and the Frankie Doggie Treats.

Xiamen, as one subsidiary of Min (or Fujian) Food, has managed to combine the flavors of other foods like Taiwan, Chaozhou and Shantou foods due to historical and geographic reasons as well as exchange with the outside world.

Did I really hear my cat chomping on food 4 rooms away in my sleep or was it all a fever dream