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Jessica William

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Tamara Taylor's 10-YEAR-OLD daughter was arrested at school in Hawaii over a drawing that upset a parent. This extreme & unnecessary police response is RIDICULOUS. Why did this child have to endure this traumatizing spectacle & be treated like a criminal?!

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I dey remember sometime me then Oti dey learn for Business School Wey I lef something for hostel so he give me ein car make I go take. Some girl see me talk hi take my number, from that Thursday she always dey text me. I see am for the shuttle inside Monday we this

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Girls always have a way of finding out whether you have a car in the first few conversations as well. She wants to know as soon as possible so not to waste her time.

Remember all the “compassionate” people on the Right who were begging to take all the Afghan refugees because they saw sad pictures on the internet? An 18 year old Montana girl was just raped by one. 18. Imagine the horror. I hate “compassionate” people. They’re a vicious lot.

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