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Jessica William

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A teenage girl raped at school. The school covers it up. ANOTHER girl raped at school, by the SAME perpetrator. But Obama says this is just a made-up “culture war.”

"หนึ่งจักรวาล" he is one of the famous musicians in Thailand and the girl is his daughter . Some of people in Thailand (Most of them are seniors ) said this is normally just dad and daughter. This is not normally. this is so 🤢. You can see all of picture at hashtag

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Obama Tells Girl Raped In School Restroom To Stop Peddling Fake Outrage

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Hi everyone! Please be aware if you subscribe to the youtuber, YUBINCULTS, that she has said very hateful things about Bahiyyih and the other girls! I saw this on my TL and wanted to share!

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A boy wearing a skirt raped a girl in the girl's bathroom in Loudoun County. A few weeks later, a convicted sex offender exposed his erect penis to women and young girls in the women's locker room at Wi Spa in LA. This is the cost of gender ideology. Our daughters are paying it.

I very much have a sexual preference. Think most people do. It’s why teenage boys & girls put posters on their walls & swoon over particular heartthrobs. Perfectly healthy & normal. Mine was Kiki Reeves & River Phoenix. So in love with both back then. Night all. X

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My name is Dr Munyasa turning 29 in a few months owner at Nextcaredentalstudio at Feruzi Towers Thindigua, council member at Kenya Dental association currently a resident in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at UON . Si mpigie girl child makofi. I believe in you go forth and do it

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