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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

all the girls stand in line just to check out

"Queendom" by won its 5th MelOn Popularity Award for the 4th week of September 👏🎉🔥 It is the only Girl Group song released in 2021 to reach this milestone.

GLOBAL IT GIRL JENNIE KIM is now trending #19 worldwide. Lets go trend it high

Shehnaaz Gill is such a beautiful and pure hearted girl, caption says it all.... This pics were posted by team members of Honsla rakh, she always impresses everyone by her Uniqueness and beautiful soul, she deserves all love and success and she will get too

6 years ago, a little girl with a big dream. i am so proud of you shehnaaz gill 💗

extreme sleep fatigue and shitty rushed anatomy isn't enough to stop me from making 3rd anni art of my favorite 3 girls (that i will hopefully finish later) happy 3rd birthday dragalia

When Sidharth Shukla said:"Jaan ban gayi hai Nation Ki"!! So true, he always hyped his girl ❤️ Today also he definitely will be hyping, jahan bhi hoga❤️😘 Shehnaaz Gill ❤️

In societies like pakisatan till now love marriage is only for boys and the girls do not have permission to do it???😑 Is this really going on nowadays??

Nobody: Boys in girls dm:

my main party reminds me of a kpop girl group and their 1 foreign member… 🤧😭✨

[INFO] WONYOUNG X SUNGHOON Former IZ*ONE's Wonyoung and Enhypen's Sunghoon have been selected as the new MCs for KBS Music Bank. Their first broadcast as MCs will officially start this coming October 8 replacing Oh My Girls' Arin and TXT's Soobin.

There are two types of girls in this world. you belong to?

good morning girls

I will miss mc soobin pure interaction with other artist 😭

⚠️ JENNIE KIM ⚠️🚨 Who is the global it girl trending right now? GLOBAL IT GIRL JENNIE KIM

Every girl these days wants to be in a serious relationship. Me i need babe that just wants to be hanging out once in a while, fuck, drink. Talk. maybe from there, seriousness can enter.


Okay, so today’s trending was random and we got 27.9k tweets. As for tomorrow since it’s announced we’d probably get around 40-50k and I’m being generous here hehe jk GLOBAL IT GIRL JENNIE KIM

Good morning boys and girls does anyone have any wellies out there for today? It's chucking it with bloody rain?

Understanding compulsions and obligations of others is a love language 🖤