Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

👩: "What was that SHINee debut song?" 🐇🐖: "Noona is really pretty🎶 (Replay lyrics).. right?" 👩: "Oh thank you.. " 🐇🐖: "😐" 👩: "What was Lee Seung Gi debut song?" 🐇🐖: "Will you marry me🎶.. " 👩: "Not that" 🐇🐖: "Noona is my girl🎶 haha" 😭😭


’s iconic baby girl

I stan the right girl! napaka bait 🥺

This Grimes shit hitting him hard 😭😭

A girl who can makes us laugh is our queen..!! NIKKITAMBOLI IN ZCS

Don’t forget that you can still book a ticket for Lakowe Lakes’ Escape to the Greens event, for a chance to hang out with Star Girl Erica Nlewedim 🤩 All the accommodation packages are SOLD OUT 🤧 but you can still book a Day Access Package 😊😊 Link⬇️

Sleepy girl waiting for breakfast.

. sparkling in Cartier: Tank Américaine watch $34,400 excl. sales tax MIDE: Custom Dress CFP* Jimmy Choo: Bon Bon gold lurex bucket bag €795 *Contact for price

there's so much that i really wanna say to u but i'm containing it to myself coz i respect u. but even if u're a co-fan of us, i don't like what u're doing all the time. u keep on putting db's and the fandom's name in trouble. girl, pls stop it. right, maybe u should leave 😣

Girl Boss. No other. 💛

Let's help a girl child What could be the cause and how can she get rid of it coz her guy can't handle it anymore and she is not ready for cheating

What every girl wants ..handsome with genuine heart ❤ RAQESH WON HEARTS

RoseArmy and lovers of Liquorose, get ready voting lines open immediately after the eviction show tomorrow. Liquorose deserves to win no be by mouth na by action. Do not post how many Simcards or iucs you have. Vote like you are the only one voting!!!

Respecting a girl is more important than telling she's beautiful. NIKKITAMBOLI IN ZCS

This area is behind quila at Jagtial. There is a big pit behind the boundary wall of quila and that pit is filled with water, there are huge trees around that pit... Few years ago the water was deep down, but now water level keeps rising!


MISS GIRL 😭😭 this is the highlight of my day