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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

14-year-old girl fell in love with this tiny kitten online — watch her sweet reaction when she finds out he’s her birthday surprise 💛

Me outside the court distracting the guards so my girl Jayda can escape into nearby bushes

"that man is my girl"

This the red light green light girls mama

Can someone please help a girl out!!?!?

Today's Getter Pilot of The Day is Neco Arc from Type Moon !! Any thoughts on what kind of Getter a Chibi Parody Cat Girl can Pilot ?


Today’s daily mean girl is Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill!

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According to this article, OH MY GIRL will perform the B-side track from their 8th mini-album "Dear OH MY GIRL", "Quest" for the upcoming "2021 The Fact Music Awards", on October 2nd. This will be their first time perform this song 🔗

keep talking guys

Ferit : do you think I don't want to believe ? Look you next to me talking my heart beating out of excitement if you don't have anything to say then lie to me say what you want say that girl in the pictures isn't you I love you so much that I will believe what you say

Me at the riki selca store:

My Girls will recreate this pics on Sunday Liquorose and Maria 🙏🙏🙏

Starry-eyed girl ✨

Varsity girls volleyball going into the 4th game at home against the Trojans of Wesleyan Academy down 2-1.

get ready for the absolute worst characters of your life


Oh my god i just saw saay’s player and ae girls still not beating the copying allegations 😭

I am not angry or sad or happy to - She was a Victorian girl; a girl of the days when men were hard and top-hatte. 🎗️🎗️ ؟!كََٕؤٰدَ!؟ &خٰٕٓصُّٕمْ+سٕيُٓفًٓيٰٓ & PP16 PP16 🎗️