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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

this really turned into a real comic 🥲 Beast Boy loves Raven is out today and I couldn’t be happier 💚💜


All of you probably already know that I am NOT a morning person at ALL but I would love to be so I tried for a week and documented it :) watch it here:

the love of my life 😭

"Michael Myers, I love you," shouted Aria in the video taken at her Halloween-themed fourth birthday party with one special guest—Michael Myers.

fc: is the owner of sunflower your special person? 🌻: yes he’s my special person krub— the brother that i love the most fc: (oooh) can i take your “brother” out then? 🌻: //COUGHS gulf pls the cough made everything more suspicious JSHSHSHS ICONIC

i love 190929 hyunjin so much u dont understand... 😭😭😭

📊 | Os solos de SUGA no BTS ultrapassoaram 300M de streams no Spotify • Intro: TMBMIL - 23,310,798 • Intro: Never Mind - 18,117,459 • First Love: 50,752,546 • Trivia: Seesaw: 132,909,253 • Interlude: Shadow - 74,992,644 🌻 |©Mygbrazil

I'm in love with Lou

i am deserving of love and success 🦋


the way Jisoo notices everyone no matter where you are or stand she will greet you even if you are far away The love we receive from shall get back to her 🥺

I love that Saskay is busy mina guys, the fact that she hasn’t linked up with the other evicted housemates (besides KayVee) is really oh so ok with me…

you are my love

im in love of how easy he lost his temper

"Why are you standing there? Come see the views with me. I’d love the company~”

this bouquet is super premium bouquet bc as far as i remember, the flower shop told us that it's not a 🌻 season yet at that time but pmew really go all out & managed to get this special sunflower bouquet for his special one this is what we called pure love ❤️

I LOVE HER OUTFIT CHOICE THOUGH! it was something i wasn’t expecting. ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

since september is coming to an end, here's an another interaction circle. thank you for interacting with me, i love you and i appreciate you a lot <333 and even if you are not in this circle, i still love you and appreciate you and i'm hoping for more interactions <3

I've known my love("ever since he came in my line of view"- V abt JK) and I don't know what I would do without him. He is always straight with me and can make me laugh hysterically. Every1 shd ve some1 like that in their life. IN QUOTES IS V. THE REST NOT

This tweet stays relevant to me. You people should please learn to be nicer to people and not to say/do things that make people feel bad. Be the reason why someone overcomes their insecurities. Spread love.