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Jessica William

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omg hyunjin short hair ???? he still look so freaking beautiful tho & it’s like double knot hyunjin arghhhh <33


stopppp look at how yuna kissed yeji's hand 🥺

look hyunjin i'm sorry i had to hang up :(

seonghwa ponytail and his corset please he look so gorgeous😭

[210924] interview cut - jo yuri for 1st look "looking back, what do you think was the most memorable moment?" yuri : "they are countless. everything was memorable. from the debut showcase to the last concert. i miss being with the members and playing at the dorms" (+)

This suit is big. Look how much of the chair he takes up without me in him.

doyoung look at his hoobaes ateez like that……😭😭😭😭

eyes can kill they said, and woodz just proved it. I MEAN LOOK

when you look at it another way, hyunjin is finally freed from people who keeps undermining his talents, and reducing him as that “long hair guy”. they can’t say shit anymore, hyunjin has fans because of his abilities and not because of his hair!

aotm hyunjin gonna look like this 🤤

i just need to look at him again. just for a second. just to say goodbye.

y'all look at sunoo's sharp gaze !! i'm ascending, he holds too much power 🔥

Omg guys look its Carats in Caratland 🥺🥺

I saw a crabapple tree with fruit and flowers together at the end of September in Maine. The leaves have already fallen.


ZaintSee anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together. Love ZaintSee 1000 💙❤️🐨🐰1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣💜🌵

look at him go i’m proud of dream <3

EXOL Ace Update with XIUMIN!!! Look at this cutieeee (T_T)

Look at me like I’m the only one you see 👀