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Jessica William

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Txt busy picking the foods for their dinner Beomgyu:

Foods I’ve cooked and came out dam good

Blue Java Banana, grown in the Hawaiian Islands, tastes like vanilla ice cream.

The Chef 🥰 The Meal

Afghanistan in food crisis, India plans to send 50,000MT of wheat

The food in Dominican Republic is amazing

Coffee table going for R650. Your retweet will go a long way in putting food on my table 🙏.

Things I need in life: food, water, shelter, Sebastian Stan's smile

we need food vlogs in seoul! kp i'm counting on u 😬

me: i hope the food isn't raw the food:

this article about people gentrifying the desert and then complaining that it's dry and there aren't any whole foods is going to drive me insane

"did somebody mention free food"!!...

211018 🐹💬 UPDATE “nyam” “it’s said that i’m not good at taking food pictures so i took this in a different angle”

This fluffy baby approached the camera just to munch her food in front of it, I’m literally crying because of how adorable she is🥺😭

Most of our foods in the US are banned in other countries and we have no idea. Say NO to GMO!

love is “thought you might be hungry so i got you food

everyone’s busy discussing about the foods they want to buy then there’s beomgyu

[211018] 🐹💭 (food content) “yum” “i tried taking the picture from a different angle because i’m not good at taking pictures of food

Having a mum that cooks good food is a huge flex 😭

Tay already knew that Newwiee got his fave food.. he knows that Newwiee loves to chew ice cubes 😃

What food is actually trash, but has too much good PR?

Our body is essentially soil and water. The quality of our soil and water determines the quality of our food, our body, and our life.

Food is way better than some people

Rising Rents, stress, unemployment, lack of health care and good jobs all go into Taco Bell’s new Chucofrito Bowl. Eleven chucofritos are handsomely arranged with meats from hell and beyond. America is facing a reckoning and we have the food! Taco Bell. It’s almost over.