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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The smile says it all! 😊 Check out the contemporary and classy Shubha Mangalyam collection from Jos Alukkas, which has one of the freshest & trendiest bridal jewellery designs I have ever seen! A true beauty to adorn!

Drawing her makes me feel better, I love her smile ✨

i think we all agree that kim junkyu has the prettiest smile ever.

use your smile to change the world. PADAYON LANG HAIRON

love u poppy thank u for alw making us smile

ㅤㅤ ISANDRO ZEUS PALMES — from @chamwonjin_s’ behind of our smiles au. — strictly-ic. ‘00 liner. — mirrored lit. cursing. — n/sfw - profanities. fil / eng. — rt / like to be mutuals ㅤㅤ

In the webdrama 파트타임 멜로 (literal translation: Part-time Melodrama) Eunsang will be acting as the cute maknae named Kang Ha-woon, a liberal arts student who is "in charge of emotions" & attacks women's hearts with his refreshing smile Airing on Seezn in the 2nd half of 2021

I want this smile to stay with me for a long time.🥺🌷

Engineer . There’s so much behind his smiles - and the more I get to know him the more I can’t believe how favored I am to be working with a leader like this man. The humility, the quiet strength and the energy ball all in one TheJuans ComebackD5

THAT SMILE. i am so weak for him </3

tiffany sunwoo sunmi immediately stop smiling smiles disappear quickly annoyed pissed off

SHARING MY SMILE no other words need be said 😌☺️

Pp With His Cute Precious Smile ☺️🥰

Tune Jo na Kaha Maine sunliya! Akshita Can make him smile in any situation...BOTH Hidding BOTH Smiling BUDDIES 💫 Param your Eyes speaks 🥺 🧿❤️

Big D about to evote himself off tonight 😂

Seulgi’s smile is so contagious <3

“damang dama friend?” “teka, ang tagal kong di lumabas sa eat bulaga kasi” “oo nga...” the chemistry of alden and maine is just overflowing, it comes out naturally. can't help but be soft seeing them with those smiles 🥺