Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Girl, I’d be pissed too if someone hurt my beautiful face too.

September Girl Group Members Brand Reputation Ranking: #1 BLACKPINK Lisa #2 BLACKPINK Jennie Jenlisa supremacy exactly

Harry letting the girls out. 9.18.21 📸: goidhrry

jung yerin prettiest high school girl 😍

Girls are excluded from returning to secondary school in Afghanistan, after the country's new Taliban rulers order only boys and male teachers back to the classroom

I just wanna say people can think I’m a hoe or a whore or whatever I’ve wanted to be a sexual hot girl my whole life and now I can finally be that and I’m not ashamed

14 years ago today, ‘Gossip Girl’ premiered on The CW. The series ran for six seasons and left a legacy as one of the most iconic shows in television history, later spawning a 2021 reboot. The phenomenon had an undeniable mark on pop culture, which is still seen to this day.

kcon:tact hi5 with suyeon 🐱 hello! i’m kim suyeon from k-group. our girls planet has arrived at kcontact. please look forward to us

the girls will be performing at KCON later and just remembered that the other trainees will never be able to make the "baro naya" part as iconic as su ruiqi's ace card thing 😌

so long story short; had an extremely abusive relationship. white supremacist dating a jewish trans girl = disaster. ;~;

When you’re asleep and you hear your girl scream “NAHH BIHHH WHO YOU IZ???? YOU CALLED MY MAN PHONE!!!”

I need sleep but I can't stop saving pictures of this girl...

jillian beanstalk - beanstalk bravado

September Girl Groups Member Brand Reputation Ranking - #20 #31 #45 #47 #48 #60

Normalize guys and girls being able to be JUST friends….

Lisa earns her first #1 on the individual girl group reputation list. All of the pinks were in the top 10 for this month. BLACKPINK also become the first GG to have 4 different members reach #1. Huge congrats to Lisa and the other pinks!

Girls be like: “I can fix him.”

Sivaangi...she's effortlessly herself but knows her place at the dream big da! Go get it girl!! 4M is just the beginning 🎶♥️ Innum nerya you'll succeed & keep bringing joy to us with your cutest laughter & talks 😇🥰 • •