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Jessica William

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Mina's little nervous gulp... she still can't look pretty girls in the eyes 😭

dream girl, son chaeyoung

there’s something so personal about michelle kissing girls

my dream girl <3

Anime : Bunny Girl Senpai

jisung just recommended an anime titled The Girl Who Leapt Through Time on bbl!!!!

attractive girl

Which one would you open...the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis ("The Book of the Dead") from Evil Dead or the Burn Book from Mean Girls?

Sexy Girl Sexy Boy

POV: watching Good Girls on Netflix all day 👀😍

for this encore it’s only the instrumental ver so we could clearly hear the girls singing and they kept on touching their ears cos they don’t have in-ears but they all still nailed it 😭

"he said i was bad let me show you how bad girls do"

aespa keeps winning. Antis tried really hard to make it off that aespa were only able to sing good cause of the loud backtrack last encore. But this one had little backtrack & they didn't they have in-ears and yet the girls hit high note after high note.

Someone asked ruiqi in her weibo live if she has a selfie with Xiaoting and ruiqi said yes! they even had haidilao hotpot together yesterday (presumably with other c girls as well). Xiaoting is alive y'all!!!!

1) Headline when Muslim is killed by Hindus for loving Hindu girl. 2) Headline when Hindu is killed by Muslims for loving Muslim girl. ₹ for a reason .

another 西葫芦 tidbit from ruiqi! c group didn’t actually bet on xingqiao’s rank during the ranking announcement! hxq kept saying that she was going home and the girls all got brainwashed by her LOL but in the end, hxq got called so everyone laughed v hard

I just wanna say Kylie your the girl

[🐿💭] han said that there were stays that asked him to recommend animation so he recommended "the girl who leapt through time" he said it's really fun!

yujin walking into girls planet