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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Morning, Twitterers!🐾😁🐾

I have a favor to ask twitterers. I am curious to know which best novel winners of the Big 3 SF awards (Hugo, Nebula, Clarke) people have read. If you have 5 minutes to spare, could you just fill in this survey of which ones you have read?

Ok lovely Twitterers, could you please help us? Our fantastic service has been shortlisted for Outstanding Volunteering Team of the year but IT NEEDS YOUR VOTES! 😊 Please RT & vote here- takes 2 mins and will mean so much!

the shadow cabal of downvoting twitterers

Morning, Twitterers! I don’t know what she means….🤪

Hello Tuesday Twitterers ! I followed a lot of tweets and retweet’s, was saddened by the results…. so once again , I am trying to boost my followings…anyway, thanks to everyone who are following and the possible followers. Have a prosperous day and enjoy your tomorrow!

hi twitterers our skeleton of a website is live + we are now ~officially accepting submissions of your finest bullshit~ e-mail it to [email protected]

These Twitterers hold coaching searches while the current coach is on the job. Then get mad when kids decommit and the team doesn’t play their best on Saturday. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Yooooo whussup fellow twitterers 😄

gn Twitterers 🥱😴🌙 Just put a wrap on an 18hr harvest day. One more week to go and then I’m hibernating 🧸 Hope everyone had a great day/night

Facts: Colin Powell was fully vaccinated, 84 years old, and had a multiple myeloma, a cancer that weakened his immune system. Genius Twitterers: "Powell was killed by unvaccinated people!!!" | via

Counting my blessings as I’m lucky to head to my warm bed and I have a roof over my head. Sleep well, Twitterers far and near. Erik Ludwig Henningsen (1855-1930), Danish socialist and realist artist The Lamplighter, 1895


are people who use twitter called twitterers or tweeters or just "twitter users." if there isn't a set word for it my vote's on twits

Good morning twitterers, I’ve got my lunch sorted ! 👇

Good morning Twitterers. My cat is in a very playful mood again this morning😺❤️. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone✌️❤️🌍😎

Happy Saturday to twitterers

To the “dO soMeThiNg” faction of Twitterers, repeated delays of sentencing for cooperators is completely normal. Happens every day in the criminal justice system & works to the benefit of the prosecution.