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💎 bought a massage bed for his parents 👧🏻: Is today the day of being a good child? 💎: Nope, just my daily life~ 😉👧🏻: But you doesn’t know that recently what food mum is craving for, right? 💎: My love!! 😎 [🎞wb86415]

🐈‍⬛: i think i was me, jungwon, and heeseung hyung. everyday we had the same food "hyung my cup ramyeon is here" "me too" 🐈: but still, you always pick up my call so it was fun ++

Jooniverse 🪐🐯 210918 [8:19PM] • Jooheon ordered food and was chatting while waiting~ • He said if we wear his Spao windbreaker it will feel like he dressed us up with his clothes. • He said he’ll gift Minhyuk with Spao HP pajamas bc Min said it is pretty & cute ❤️

Me when I open the oven to see how my food is cooking

🧡: Phuwin! 🐼: Huh? 🧡: Still have pork to make food 🐼: A little bit...for tonight 🧡: Ah ok!!

[210918] 🐰💭 “there are also people who work during the chuseok (thanksgiving) holidays.. oh my oh my” “although resting is the best, eat a lot of delicious food (too)” “our y/n💚 work less, earn more…”

“dont go broke tryna prove that you arent. live within your means. if its not a food shelter health necessity, be smart about purchasing. you dont have to have everything and everything might not be for you. the expensive one isnt the only option.if you dont NEED it why complain”

Consuming nutritious foods provides your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells returning the smile and saying, "Thank you."

Inmates at this Maine prison are growing their own food — with a garden that can produce over 100,000 pounds of vegetables each year. Advocates say it gives inmates access to healthier food and teaches them valuable skills.

Hyukjae might ruined the kitchen and the food but honey family still eat it and just tease him😂. They are so cuteeeeeeeee

more foods please😋🤣

street foods bai

The Halalonomics has crept into our Secular system. It is no longer limited to non-vegetarian food, but touching every sphere of our lives like medicines, beauty products, farming, packaged foods and real estate too !

To say because a country is large the population share that gets vaccinated has to be smaller than in other countries is like saying because a country is large the population share that gets enough food has to be smaller. Lucky are leaders who have followers who reason like this.

A true loyalist of a party is one that strives for a party from the grassroots. Babul Supriyo and Mukul Roy experience should teach BJP not to buy fruits from a supermarket but have homegrown fruits. Organic food works in life must work in politics too.

The Arabic word halal means valid, recognized by Islam; So the opposite is the word, ‘haram’ which means illegal / forbidden / forbidden according to Islam. The word ‘halal’ is mainly used in reference to food and liquids.

edtwt the things im sending my mum to get me from the grocery store are SUCH blatant anorexia safe foods lmao

Men, Still at the date; When you order food, order for her too. Own her immediately. Don't ask her “What will you eat?” Tell her, “I want you to try this meal, you will like it.” She expects you to know everything. Show leadership. Don't be a punk!

bts ! have a safe flight . take care of your self . eat food , sleep well.