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Jessica William

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Tonight’s the night! Come take your Watermelon Sugar pics in East Food Hall across from Sections 115-116 before hits the stage. 🍉

Idle taxis used to grow food for out-of-work drivers in Thailand

it's the weekend, rest. take a nap, eat your favorite food, sit and do nothing, go on a walk, whatever you want

When this is over, let’s remember that it wasn’t the CEOs and billionaires who saved us. It was the janitors, nurses, grocery, and food workers…

There are limited options available to purchase kosher and halal food through the Emergency Food Assistance Program. Our federal feeding programs should be equitable and accessible for all people who have culturally and religiously mandated dietary restrictions. Our letter:


Hi any reason why there’s a fried bug in my food ? x

“Hey babe, I know you’ve had a long week at work and figured you wouldn’t want to cook so I’m ordering your favorite foods as a treat. See you when you get home…I love you”

I do this for an app called “Be My Eyes” & it’s dope. Helped with picking out clothes, food, temperature setting, electronics, but the best part is the convos. A lot of these folks because of the pandemic haven’t been around fam/friends, so it’s refreshing on both sides to talk

Divorce is very difficult. He lost his job. No money for food. Only eating oatmeal. Other financial strain. We are digging through to see how we can assist in stabilizing him long term. Another entity is assisting with some food. There are times in life when we need a lifeline.

about to go eat a decadent amount of Italian food so I dressed up Extra Cute

Meet my new shiny Zoroark oc, Violet! She's a bit of a lazy bum and a big gamer. She spends the majority of her money on vintage video games and fast food, but loves her life! She'll often call out of work to binge a fun game. This babe was drawn by

Mrs. St.Cyr’s Kindergarteners designed a lovely Aiken Drum out of their favorite foods while patting a steady beat on their legs!

Strength training, being physically active/general activity, managing my stress, sleeping 7-8 hours per night and eating mostly healthy foods - things I do for MY health. I still do it for me - but now that I have a wife/child I also see the importance of doing it for THEM.

King Whitemoney is honestly a kind man. What he's telling de housemates right now about not hoarding food & cleanliness is what every good King does. He also appreciated some housemates 4 being helpful dis week. Whitemoney is such a democratic leader.

<210918 Hanbin Fancafe> Fan: "Hanbin, you donate everything.. then how about your meals.. Do you still have money left for food? you can't starve to de4th.. noona will buy you food." Hanbin: "I always save up for food expenses.. they said it's food power!" 🥺

Decalcify your Pineal Gland Eat these Ancient Foods

Learn about the common foods that have more salt than potato chips

My dreds are at the length where I have to tie them back while eating certain foods, and whoever my current gf is

I block every Twitter ad. Every one. So now it’s down to very specific pharmaceuticals and dog food and fin tech scams.