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Jessica William

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Love and compassion are the mother and father of a smile. We need to create more smiles in our world today. Smiles, after all, pave the way to a happy world.. <oكّٕوٍُدًًَٓ) (_>🎗️🎗️🎗️ >oخًٍََٕصٓــمٌٓ) >oنمشي) :KC35:

daily lucas smile appreciation tweet bc i love his smile so much

he always have this soft smile and heart eyes whenever he's looking at particular someone...

"It’s okay, come on when I say one two three forget it. Erase all sad memories. Hold my hand and smile" 🍂🌅✨ ㅡ2!3!

chaeyoung´s smile. Past and present.

Anyone wants to learn how to cook? Or anyone wants to smile all day...? I'm looking for friends who wants to go see Yeppi's beautiful faces on AB6IX's Cooking Battle (1/190522)

isn’t this so lovely? look at their face and the way they smile 😭 one of my favourite vmin hug 🥺

Put your money on the right platform and you are gonna smile forever... I trade with good strategy and platform making substantial and formidable profit is very easy....📈💯💰

the smile must protect 😭

Jungkook's shy smile ksksksks 😭 he is so cuteee

Must protect at all cost, don't want to let that smile on your face fade away.♡︎♡︎

I smile not because my life is perfect but just because I appreciate what I have and what God has given me.

anytime someone brings up canary to jurnee she has a big smile you can tell how she’s excited to play her again 😭

"what's my name what's my name" look at her big smile 😭

You smile you are wonderful

Smile well, U R listening to Ahmed Youness ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥😌🤙🏼📻🌿

Congratulations Jung Hoseok That smile deserves the whole world 🥰