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aespa after Music Bank today. The fan girl scream for karina tho😭

Sus críticas me las paso por aquí SXY GIRL TODAY      

ياعزتي لها ماتدري انها هي ال sexy girl

4th gen IT GIRLS Wonyoung and Karina looking at each other 🥰

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she looks just like a dream, prettiest girl ive ever seen ✨

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just itzy being korea's organizations ambassadors. yep they're the biggest 4th gen girl group indeed.

[Girls Planet 999] FINAL LIVE, Tonight at 8 PM (KST) Tonight at 8 PM (KST), the Grand FINAL is LIVE! Planet Guardians, Please Join the Moments of the Birth of a Global Girl Group! < : > FINAL LIVE at Tonight 8 PM (KST)

happy girls are the prettiest😍❤

dancer unnies celebrating the birthday girl 🥺 this is so cute 😭 yuri is so adorable 😭

When Miri manager said "please use me a lot in the future" she meant it, what she has with the girls isn't just business but she genuinely wants to be there for them

ryujin and her pretty girls

Sexy girls you know they don't play

yuri sent a screenshot of yujin's kkt text to her at 12 am "[an yujinnie] heyy~~ birthday girl what are you up to"

Teacher Mamita Meher killed in Kalahandi, after she blows the lid off a scandal where school girls were being sexually exploited by the owner of the school. The sexual predator is a close associate of Odisha's Home Minister . Why the silence?

Yujin’s birthday message to Yuri: 💙Hey~~ Birthday girl What are you up to

This is true. Got to meet the girls after one of their shows in NJ, and they're just all too sweet. But I got to chat with the most... and well, I'm a fan. Big time.