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Jessica William

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thanks to all of u who are currently in SM Manila to see Yumi, especially BiaMi Babes. Through ur photos and videos I feel like I'm there with you,seeing Yumi. Take care of urself and Yumi okay? Enjoy your time with our baby botejyu girl.✨I badly wanna see u ✊🏿

that girl was so lucky to be interviewed by chanyeol and baekhyun

someone attempted to open my account after i signed in to a link na binuksan ko, please help me re-tweet this kase the person who tried to open my account dmed y'all a link na binuksan ko rin and it's a virus. please please don't open it.. (a girl sent me the link, idk her @)

An innocent girl, 3 years old, managed to ESCAPE from the BURNING KIAMBAA CHURCH. She was snatched and THROWN BACK IN-TO THE FIRE!😭😭😭

another sword-girl doodle


*Girl wins a medal* Le Men searching her old photos to tweet "If she can do both...."🤪

Our little kid is not afraid to see the Dentist 😂 very brave girl HAHAHA Watch the video here:

KEEP a GIRL in SCHOOL OKOA DADA NA PAD KIJIJINI In 2021 in Westlands Constituency Low Income areas, MANY young GIRLS still CANNOT ACCESS DECENT SANITARY TOWELS. JIBU ni Engineer TAMBARA.

Who was that mystery girl? Why a person like her allowed to enter at the main spot?? CBI Probe Khatri 4 SSR

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From 1st January to 3rd July 2021, has sold over 557k record units in the US alone. This includes 8k albums, 6k tracks & 70M streams. They're the 9th best selling K-pop group in the US in 2021 (4th for girl groups, 2nd for SM groups).

Zhang Yifan 💜🍬 BONBON TV《硬糖少女 BON-US》Anniversary Special Recording ✨

i have watched a lot of hiyyih's predebut video dancing and i can say she really improved a lot! seeing her like this makes me so proud of her. please support bahiyyih on girls planet 999!!


Kim Chaehyun’s O.O.O Performance Cam has been released on Mnet K-POP Official YouTube Channel!!

This is so cute. LSC : "My girl and my kitten." 🥰