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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Have ya seen what an absolute amazing job did at drawing Cedar??! Please go follow them! Their art is absolutely amazing abd getting better every day!!!

Also impressed me with this amazing drawing of my precious bee not long ago and i love it so so so much! Go follow them too!!!

آرامش منن:) btsis7 bts is amazing bts is talented

Harry Styles looks so unproblematic in this photo, he is so amazing. Her magnificent hair and her eyes, so soft. He looks incredibly smart, his ability to look gorgeously gorgeous is enviable.

This is amazing. By “amazing” I mean the dumbest shit you’ll see today.

Day 31 of Drawing every Character using the infamous Power-Up, collaborating with the amazing artist The Princess of 2 Dimensions! Mrsette Game and Watch!!

The growth of Naruto. Amazing to see where he's at now!

Honorable mentions 💯💯💯 you did an amazing job today you deserve your Jacuzzi night

I remember when I turned Tenchou into an Actual Nousagi. Amazing.

I am honored to announce my commitment to Concordia University Irvine and their baseball program! Mahalo nui loa to Coach Fahey and the CUI coaching staff for this amazing opportunity!

Amazing redheads causing a revolution against the big rat....

It’s truly AMAZING how not only have I been BLOCKED by WHITE PEOPLE, I expected that, but the NUMBER of BLACK PEOPLE out here that have BLOCKED me, I just been LAUGHING my ASS off. Oh well.. that’s HOW the COOKIES CRUMBLES 💯😂😂😂

isn’t it amazing how people can feel like home <3

The fact that Oda was bold enough to let a peasant like Luffy take out one of the most powerful antagonists in the Manga is amazing. It’s a perfect representation of the themes in One Piece - 10/10 fight

کاش میشد بکنمت تو تخم چشم هیترا:] bts is 7 bts is seven bts is talented bts is amazing bts paved the way

Today is a day for all of us to join for such an amazing honour. We are so happy for you . Always continue to be yourself. That is how you inspire others. So proud of you.

The plot of Don’t Worry Darling looks amazing

Hiii since it's friendship day I would like to thank for her twt that helped me to find my most amazing moots who are more than irl friends for me now.💜

These covers by Spaz are beautiful. Both were inked by Nelson Ribeiro, 130's was colored by Josh and Aimee Ray, and 134 colored by Jason Jensen. Also issue 134's cover conveys Sally's emotions more gracefully than the art inside. Also, love the Amazing Spider-Man issue 50 homage.

// Amazing new layout thanks to Thank you so much❤️😍