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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

this man literally deserves the world 💔LOVE ISLAND PRODUCERS COUNT YOUR DAYS 🔪

You're are a princess... Love you AURRA FACE OF THE YEAR

the sign of the times cover by olivia rodrigo is so cute and creative i love her

Liberty seeing red at the mention of “a lad’s holiday”!! I love her so much. The difference between how she cares for her friends VS Jake’s behaviour in Casa Amor is STARK. He doesn’t deserve her one bit.

I love that the love island hashtag is all about teddy not Liam, proving the UK public really do love good people

Teddy is the most genuine and sweetest boy that has ever been on Love Island. The producers sabotaged him and Faye

Currently reading this book, decided that love isn’t real

I love Liberty but I cannot let Jake win under any circumstances

“I’m doing a show in December for AAA,” “I love AAA and I’m going to keep doing that right now. I love WWE as well, but I have to first develop myself in that way in order for me to go out there.” - Cain Velasquez

Ichinose needs more love man, I hardly see anyone talking about her.

olivia rodrigo is very creative and cute, I love when she sings her covers

i love his look here

farther than tomorrow, longer than forever, i love you.

she deserves the world truly. i love her a lot. strong girl :))

"u reply fast" first of all im in love with u

Doodles of my Monster of the Week character whomst I love with all my heart, I love this batshit chaotic man#

Just a reminder that THIS is love island’s best ever contestant


I’m really happy that people like bm thresh bc of my art, give love to this cool demonic skin❤️