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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

oh please look at their faces esp dowoon's facial expression help😭

doyoung truly sticking like a sticker to jaehyun look at that hold no one is escaping

seonghwa ponytail and his corset please he look so gorgeous😭

when you look at it another way, hyunjin is finally freed from people who keeps undermining his talents, and reducing him as that “long hair guy”. they can’t say shit anymore, hyunjin has fans because of his abilities and not because of his hair!

What do you think changed the most when you look back at your precious self? “Well, I think I can show and bring out more of myself. While being surrounded with great people, I also practiced how to trust and rely on others. In the past, I had a hard time expressing my honest


Yoona: Soonkyu-ah..... You want to be singer? Hyoyeon: But Soonkyu doesn't seem to like it (look at us) OMG they are scary already 😂😂😂

“It is not gang rivalry. We are taking stock of the situation. There is a security lapse, will definitely look into it”: Rakesh Asthana, Commissioner of Police, Delhi, on dramatic Delhi court shootout that left 3 dead

look at how happy jungwoo is, he better hand that trophy to his group tomorrow

You've got so far my dear, look how you've grown.

stopppp look at how yuna kissed yeji's hand 🥺

We need a full body pic of hongjoong w this pirate look

Look..What lovely eyes she are...😊🙋‍♀️🐈❣


good morning all of you are obligated to look at me

poor taeil look how he stand between jaehyun and johnny 😭😭😭

Sorry po sa crop but look at her fits grabe ang lakas makarunway model! 35MONTHS WITH KYCINE

atiiiiny please don't be too hard on yourself❤️ the fact that we're nominated on one of the hardest music show is amazing and something to be proud of. also look at the score gap, we're soooo close🔥 nothing comes instantly, but we're progressing! 티즈티니 수고했어요!

You look more beautiful every time I see you. 💙❤️ Love ZaintSee 1000

That look!!! He did not come to play