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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

we dropped to #2 😭bts will be attending PLEASE VOTE ARMY PLEASE 🙏🙏

Look at these cuties! 😜📸: IG story | gabriellaekaputri

wang zhuocheng’s weibo live for his 25th birthday! he was wearing gryffindor pyjamas, and even drew harry’s scar on his own forehead ⚡️👓. and look!!! ji li was also there!

mingyu when he scored a goal 😭😭😭look at him the cutest!!! ❤️❤️❤️

bringing back this chanyeol singing happy birthday song for sehun along with fans 🥺look how cute he was 🥺🥰

look at him laughing at himself 🥺

Look at the views omg treausure viral kings

they played spider after hoshi scored again!!!! they look so happy especially hoshi 🥰 this was hoshi’s moment fr he’s so cool


take a look at my gf

“Do you know that you look alike?” “You two are like twins”

👀 TAKE A LOOK AT THIS 🔥🔥 will be available on Google PlayStore tomorrow at 15;00 UTC 🔥🔥

Mass look thalaaa 🔥🔥🔥

Mass Look Thala 😘😘😘😘 Bat 1st 😉

Took delivery of a parcel, sent the delivery email and had to look twice. Definitely his finger. I think😂

3/3 of bss turn look at you like this wyd

My 5th year's bday present {Part2}:【Amazing Grace】 His picture will be on largest LED screen located Times Square,New York. Lasts from 🇺🇸time Sep 27-Oct 3rd,24 times a day. Pls go and have a look.❤️

nothing beats seventeen’s encores in my heart. just them having fun, making a fool of themselves, not minding how they look… it’s just pure bliss and pure happiness with their beloved carats 😭🤍 i miss you so much.