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Jessica William

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Amazing views from Crew Dragon Resilience’s cupola. , , & I were so fortunate to have this perspective and we will do all we can to share the experience with the 🌎. The mission to inspire and support continues

Aaron Judge’s amazing season continues with another home run to put the Yankees up 7-1!

Halsey apologizing doesn't seem right to me... IICHLIWP is a masterpiece and this era has been amazing end of discussion.


LMAO Syk and rae ❤️❤️ Sykkuno talking about one amazing youtube streamer that he subbed to. And after a bunch of lobster emote he said that he's talking about valkyrae. Rae and sykchat :

A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING WONDERFUL BEST FRIEND TAI!!!❤💞💕💖❤ I hope you're having a fantastic birthday today! May all your wishes come true! Much love, support and hugs!!! 🎂🎁🎈🎉🍰🥳🎊🥰❤🥳🥳🥳🥳

not only is this an amazing ep plot wise, but it’s so good emotionally. there’s a clear cut arc for everyone who’s leading this ep. azie did this, you can’t convince me otherwise. she’s such a talent in front of and behind the camera.

Azie has created such an amazing, raw, emotional episode. She discussed such real issues with such eloquence, she performed so so beautifully. She took so many different viewpoints and aspects of the problem and knocked all of them out of the park. She is incredible

im gonna drop soon and when i drop its gonna be amazing

It's amazing how this episode was able to give Everyone a relevant and touching scene while still having Kelly as the focus and central character of the episode. It should be the norm for every centric episode but.... This just shows how much azie cares as actress AND a writer

What I hope for: Overwatch 2 to be an amazing well done game. What I think will happen:

Heavens EP is fucking amazing

We are pumped to announce the new and improved Mecklenburg Muscadines to the ! Our time in Mocksville was an amazing experience, but we are excited to let you know the grapes have signed a multi-year deal to play at Jack Hughes Stadium in Town of Pineville! 🍇

let’s please take a moment and admire his amazing dancing skills

trying this again for the fifth time, the name’s blue like the color. just looking for cute homies to befriend, share some nice music, and funny tiktoks with. i don’t have much to offer but a fat wallet and my amazing humor.


Happy 63 birthday to the amazing Joan Jett!

Amazing game. Now the grind for chips begins.