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Jessica William

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It is simply incredible that in the year 2021 we should face food shortages in our shops because our government is fighting an ideological Brexit war with our own continent so that an over privileged Etonian can rule by a populist confidence trick in the face of no opposition

Brexit causing food shortages - rubbish. Here’s my local Tesco this morning.

“Favourite food: Guinness 😜” - Niall Horan

somebody please help me man. i have a flu and headache and my father came home and started yelling at me to do shit. i told him i don’t have the strength to do anything atm and he started to hit me. i fought back but this is the outcome. i have no money, no food and nowhere to go

do y’all agree that buying food for someone is like saying I love you without saying it?

Food shortages.I went to my local Tesco's and there was no shortage of fruits de mer.

We had another big win on Food Truck Friday with My Ohana delivering up some fantastic eats. 🌮

I’ve been commissioned by to draw some illustrations for their food-based DnD campaign book!! It’s being funded on kickstarter so if that sounds up your alley go check ‘em out! 😆✨🧙🏼‍♀️

Everyone wants a pill. No one wants to exercise, eat real food, hydrate & get quality sleep.

There used to be a Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund set up by President Uhuru Kenyatta. They would update media on how much they've raised and affected families they've helped with food relief. Either it was disbanded or Kenya no longer has anyone affected by Covid-19. Great job.

Biggie, carry their food come ooo😁😁 They've won this wager!!🙌🏼🙌🏼👏👏

The Indio Food Park is so chill. Highly recommend! Can’t wait to try their coffee next 👍🏻

I am going to eat my favourite food to celebrate this success of yours.

lol my grandpa keeps having mandela effect moments. he keeps forgetting his wifes name and my name and how to eat food

Fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and other plants are staples of a vegetarian diet. While these foods can be good for your teeth, they may lack these 3 important nutrients for a healthy smile.

food be doing that popping thingy in the microwave just still be cold 😒

people always think compatibility means "they like all the same foods, shows, n hobbies i like" n that's half of y’all dating problems right there. the goal isn't to date urself? lmfao.

Hi! My name is Lucille, I'm a witch and my goal is to become an Idol! I'm an artist and a singer and my favorite food is marshmallows! I hope we can become great friends :)

I’ll say this, the shortstop in five years or less is probably Cristian Hernandez. Nico’s versatility is gonna be the key. Team really loved what he did in CF. Madrigal, like Nico, considered above-average glove at 2B. Just food for thought.

Our snacks for watching . Having a roommate to watch a show with and good food along with it are the days that I’ve dreamed of 🤙🏻❤️😎