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President Jair Bolsonaro will deliver the opening speech at 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, on Sept. 21st. Brazil will also take part in high-level meetings on the Covid19 pandemic, peace operations, human rights, food systems and energy, amongst others.

Lose weight. Drink less alcohol. Eat less junk food. Do more exercise. Give up smoking. Protect the NHS.

  ( ) is Korean Harvest day like “Thanksgiving day”in USA. Some Asian countries celebrate same day, it’s Lunar calendar on 8/15, full moon 🌕 day. It's one of the biggest public holidays in Korea, we visit hometowns & have foods with family. It is today 9/21 in 2021.

1 in 5 parents say their kids eat more fast food during the pandemic, poll finds

Rebecca, a single parent from Norfolk who is on UC (and in work) tells Newsnight how much the £20 cut will affect her. Says she's already very worried about fuel rises as things are so tight already. Says she and daughter may have to choose between heating and food.

me every time someone catches me monching on foods at absurd hours of the morning and they tell me to go to bed and i like i dont ya know??

My thing is… if I am in a position to give someone less fortunate than I am some money, I’m doing it. I do not care if you spend it on food and water or drugs and alcohol, it’s YOUR money now. I was probably gonna spend it on drugs and alcohol so why would I judge you for it lol

Zion Helping Hand Foundation is an NGO who have prioritize the need of others "needy" over themselves, and has set a day out to finally inaugurate the foundation, which for the past months has delivered foods, school uniforms, school desk, books and etc...

The problem with food, really, is that you have to make it BEFORE you're hungry.

This food spin art is so fun to watch! 😍

Damn bro. I didn't know food was made from other food.

Replace the throne. Why so many toilets thrown out in Parkdale on the daily? That, clothes, food and mattresses. Weirdos.

Just some cute mini foods that I adore 🥰

i don’t really have fear foods but if someone brought a chase hudson meal near me i’d probably start shaking and crying

Trader Joe’s fall foods haul !!

Man, sports drinks, am I right? I mean, most of them are just sugar and food dyes, but some of em have a real kick to them. growth commission for !

Thank you to Save-On-Foods West for donating hotdogs and buns for our Probe Picnic on Friday! We also appreciate Frito Lays for donating chips. The weather was cool, so many classes had an indoor picnic.

hi im valerie and i'm obsessed with drawing food 🥲✨

Don't you just ❤ indictment days? 🥳 Wish they would come more often...and strike a little higher up on the food chain.

while ya’l tryin to figure out who eats first man or children here i am eating my food before i even call them down for dinner