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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Hyojung: They're the tallest active girl group (in Kpop) right now Binnie: Why did we start the show with us standing? Soojin: I think it's because we're wearing slippers... Binnie: We usually started the show sitting down, so why are we suddenly standing now>< 😅😅

Messy hair kavin >>> 😍🤤❤️

I have seen Tia's recent Tweets and well ... I haven't drawn her for a long time and today I cheered up !! Here you have a blushing pretty girl belonging to

a girl can dream ALSO WHAT THE FUCK

The only reason I keep going to the gym is so I can continue to look like the girl of your dreams

Necrontyr/Necrons are very tol They are anywhere from 7ft at shortest, to 9 ft to tallest... and sometimes bigger. Oracle is over 7ft tall lol (Sister of Battle for comparison)

[] 'COMBINATION MISSION' Behind-the-Scenes Behind the Set of Participants Practicing, Practicing and Practicing ▼Full ver.▼ Naver TV : YouTube : Every Friday 8:20 PM(KST)

Michael imagine what your Mommy would have think if she knew her son borrowed her tampons as a teenager. I wonder if she ever noticed some were missing. And what would she think of you if she knew you cycled each month just like a girl, just like the daughter she always wanted.

Birthday wishes to the Uppena girl . Here is a nice poster from team

Let's join our Golden girl LIVE on The SquadPlus YouTube channel later at 7 PM! This exclusive Q&A is for members only. 💜🔗: |

girls (me) wake up and watch hinatazaka tteka mv first thing in the morning damn babe did you even try to be normal today

Imagine dating a girl who doesn't know the three ossicles 🤔

My "Sunshine" Girl ❤️ My "Baby" Girl ❤️ . Yes, you are My Girl 😍🥰❤️

[🎬] 210921 Girls Planet 999 ‘Combination Mission’ behind Cut

CHAKHO VS 7FATES Who will be the final pgngg name winner? 🤔

Our girl is a sweetheart for acknowledging the trend we did yesterday! WE LOVE SHARA

goodnight oomfs i <3 changbin nothing new

Girls gone wild at Exxxotica Miami 💋