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Jessica William

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You think you can use money and food to get my attention?? LMMAAOOOOO you're absolutely right

Goya CEO: Supply chain being taxed tremendously impacts food price surge

TMI: I just had food with Sua unnie/ Singie 🥰

Check out Cooking Battle on September 18 at 7pm (KST) Please joy K-FOREST FOOD together!

Odisha | Artist Priyanka Sahani creates 8 ft-long portrait of PM Narendra Modi using food grains, on his 71st birthday "India's an agricultural country, so I made this portrait using food grains to pay respects to PM. It also reflects Odisha's tradition of Pattachitra," she says

Anytime I go to buy food from this woman, her daughter will always put two or three meat for me when I actually paid for one. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?🤔

We know there are food shortages. We know there are price rises. Nothing screams that they're about to get worse, more than a government choosing to implement an archaic measurement system that will befuddle the customer & cover for yet more .

Coming up, MasterChef star and renowned food critic joins us

Spoiled me with: - Welkin - genesis crystal - battle pass - FOODS!!

UP CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurated PepsiCo India's largest greenfield foods plant worth Rs 814 crore in Kosi Kalan in Mathura

This time of year there are many hoglets seen out in the day. They are sick, in pain, and need taking to a rescue for treatment. Keeping them, thinking food will fix them, is just taking a sick, distressed animal and adding imprisonment to her suffering. Please

Mr an empty stomach always need food. Not your hollow bhashan.

"Tax his food, tax his drink, Tax him if he tries to think. Tax his sodas, tax his beers And if he cries, tax his tears."

Surprisingly, food aid for the people of Tigray is also supporting the TPLF terrorist group, which is transporting troops and weapons.

Happy Birthday ji. You are an inspiration for 1.3Billion people. No other PM did so much for the bottom of pyramid Free food grains to 80cr Free Vaccines 8cr Free UjjwalGas 100% Electrification 3cr freeHomes 9cr freeToilet 40cr BankA/c 8cr TapWater

Woof ~My money accidentally fly away hehe order drink food here nice place and decorating

Heena eatzzz also offers diet foods

I.N on bbl is so cute he ordered food today to eat but the food tht came wasnt the one he ordered so he had bad mood in the morning, he called the restaurant & they did send him a new one(his real order) so its happy ending for him cuz he got to eat both the wrong & his menu😂

*Me as a Food blogger Leaving the Restaurant without paying* Restaurant owner:-