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If music be the food of love play o Oh, but I was an idiot. Wantin /🎗️؟؟؟كَٕؤدٓ WF1 خَٕٔصَمُ+نٕوّنُّ!!؟ /🎗️

The Motaungs are busy with their gourmet foods and expensive whiskers and champions not bothered about what's happening in the team.

Carla did not let me sleep in today and bugged me to get up and feed her not because she didn't have food, but because *she didn't like the food my wife gave her before leaving the house today." Because: Cat.

Staten Island crowd defies vaccine mandate by storming mall food court, video shows

this food is so fucking good lois...

TMI: seventeen buys their foods and daily necessities in boxes. For example, they buy detergent and toothpaste in boxes as well as whenever they buy chips, its always 100+ packs below shown how much they buy they have 2 different receipts bc it won’t fit in one 🤣🤣

210927 M.Idol🌙 Q: u'll eat the fav part of a food first or last? 🐹I'll eat it later 🐺me too

lol Young K said he can eat food that’s good for 3 people, so it’s not hard for him to reach the minimum delivery amount

210927 Allen FNS “After eating the food deliciously prepared by ruby, I think I can do well for Veni Vidi Vici’s promotions too ^^”

beomgyu said yeonjun should eat it first since it is his food but yeonjun said he can go on and eat,, that's so cute

Jimmy Horton in the famed Nance sprint car! A funny not so funny story about this deal. A guy on this team borrowed the tow rig one evening to grab some food. When he returned he pulled the rig under the motel entrance, forgetting about the extra race car frame on top of it! 💥

No one should be forced to choose between their health and putting food on the table. EVERY Virginian deserves paid sick leave. I’ll make it happen.

Taliban arrested these two teenagers for stealing bread from a bakery. One of them told a local journalist: "My family did not eat in past 3 days, I'm sorry if I took that bread without permission, but I had to. There is no job & no food, what would I have done?"

Glad I have changed my eating habits. SO, at a celebratory event this weekend I ate those delicious high carb foods I normally stay away from. The energy level the next day was very low. This was an eye opening event. Will eat differently fir the holidays... eating to live well

How to eat sustainably without sacrificing your favorite foods

when i have nothing to offer but they still came and brought foods to celebrate w/ me tenkyuuu frecks, cheers to 6 yrs of friendship💕 so korni na yak

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Throwback ng food trip with sa Pop Talk bukas.

i haven’t participated in so long but i love food so i had to