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Jessica William

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Still not over Ten whispering "good job, do it again, do it again, I'll give you food" for Louis to groom Leon on camera lol (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Besides donating 1 million rmb to aid relief efforts for the Henan flooding, Zhehan also donated food supplies. This kind gesture was not known until the organizer posted a weibo today ❤️

Which area of food systems are you most interested in and why?

now introduce yourself ㅋㅋㅋ i'm sunwoo 22 years old, you? ah your name is pretty, even if you don't say it it's pretty ^^ when are you going to sleep? i want to watch netflix together while eating yummy foods. i'm going to do a voice only before the cb, let's talk together

Am interested in food consumption, because eating good food helps avoid nutrition problems, gives good health. @YouthinAgric.

• There is no shortage of ‘labour’, there is a shortage of proper wages. • If critical workers, such as food factory workers, are so critical to the economy then let that be evident in their pay packets. Profit accrued by billionaires on the backs of hard work & low pay.

A2. I am much interested in food accessibility. I believe it encompasses the other two, thus, food production and food availability. For food to be accessible, it should be available which is achieved through enhanced production.

Do any of u guys have any good low cal foods/meals?(accessible in Scandinavia(Sweden))?? And any good distractions from eating? Aswell as good workouts lmao tags edtwt thinspo proana thinsp0

Let’s get the ball rolling! Which of these areas came to mind the first time you heard the term Food System?

woojin's 🪐 PM 🐦 i just went back and read all the messages you guys left me~i read all the good words and the praises and the messages about eating yummy food~ 🐦 it's the weekends now, how is everyone feeling~ 🐦 it's really hot right 🐦 ㅋㅋ

A2. PROCESSINGANDPACKAGINGability to processfood and package it for consumption is very poorhence compelling Africans buy fromplaces which is not that safe forus.will like the the privatesector in food to buildup so we eat from our own produce.

A2. Production because food producers have a lot of choices to make with regards to whether to cultivate one crop or a diverse array of fruits and vegetables, and whether to apply organic or synthetic fertilizers.

"our faves did this, our faves did that" but did your faves eat dog and cat foods?😒

transportation stage. I chose this area of food system because this point can make or break the entire food chain. Dilapidated roads and Faulty vehicles have contributed to the damage of foods over the years(most especially perishable food)

Food for thought

Jiwanie’s IG story update 🐥 “ Everyone! be careful of the heat, drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen well, be careful of spoiled food too!! we'll see you tomorrow 🥰 “ our pretty baby! she is so precious ❤️ l love her so much 😭

Consumption Food consumption in 🇬🇭 is almost always based on quantity other than quality which affects the health & nutrient needs of the body. Perhaps, this is influenced by the high cost of quality food products.

A2. I am interested in the processing bcos I believe all food has a system it goes through which makes it edible which has a positive and negative effect on human growth. knowing the processing will guide me in choosing the right foodstuff. , &

A2. I am interested in the area of consumption because I believe that responsible consumption has implications for sustainable food systems.

A2. I have an interest in consumption in the area of the food system. This is because the consumption of food comes with a lot of health benefits and energy for productive work. Ghana, # UNFSS2021 # YouthInAgric.