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Jessica William

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28 July 1941 | A French Jewish girl, Francine Finkielsztajn, was born in Paris. In July 1943 she was deported to and murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

Kaz and this rebound is so impressive I knew the hot girl bitchhhh was STILL in THEREEEEE


If Faye was your Mrs she’d send you mad. One argument and all of a sudden she’s out with the girls and her phones off. Now you’re circling shoreditch in a dinger

If it wasn’t for Tobes? Abi that man is walking in the villa with a blonde girl on his arm this is embarrassing

Kaz had her sad girl second now she’s on hot girl summer shit I love this for her

How did they make Millie think her situation isn’t as bad as Fayes WHEN TEDDYS ON THE DAY BED & LIAMS LIPSING ANOTHER GIRL

“Departure of Night,” still one of my old favorites From sophomore year concept class or design class, I think...Part of a series of 3 paintings The concept is, the red lady is Dawnbreak and the boy is her son, Day. She gonna go choppy-chop on the other girl (night)

kaz is back to hot girl summer

The thing is if the producers wanted a reaction from Faye that girl is enough of a busybody that she would’ve swung and been angry for everyone else anyway. There was zero reason to mislead her about Teddy. Sorry but I will not let this go!

Amy girl just a few more days and you'll be in that main villa stay strong sis.

Kaz this man doesn’t fucking want u go for medhy stupid girl I swear

You know what? The way Kaz has bounced back has restored my faith in her, our girl 😍

at this point there is no couple worthy of winning just give the money to the girls and call it a day

i stg Millie’s own personal postcard better better caught is the mail because girl is clueless

So Faye says it doesn't care if teddy was kissing the girl in the challenge or not She doesn't deserve him

Abi?? If It wasn’t for Toby? What? Girl go wildddd

Has Love Island got a thing against the Irish? Where are our girls:

The producers could have SAVED our girl Millie but no they chose to ruin a good relationship