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Jessica William

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210927 Allen FNS “After eating the food deliciously prepared by ruby, I think I can do well for Veni Vidi Vici’s promotions too ^^”

stop eating unhealthy foods, try me instead.

🤦🏻 “A maskless crowd of dozens opposing NYC’s indoor vaccination mandate stormed into the food court while chanting, ‘USA!’ Their goal: eat without showing proof of vaccination. ‘Everybody go get food and eat. That’s what we’re here to do!’ a woman said.”

beomgyu said yeonjun should eat it first since it is his food but yeonjun said he can go on and eat,, that's so cute

Our campaign launches tomorrow! Join us in reducing our landfill waste and our carbon footprint! Let’s change our food systems - starting tomorrow at 11AM!

Q: do you have any plans to do mukbang? : first off I really looked eating but I have a habit off shaking my head when eating, I’m a little shy because of it but if there’s a chance to do mukbang, I’ll definitely do it and eat good food!

awww allen just posted a photo of food that woobin made for him on fns🥺🥺❤️

They:- proud on yourself you're vegetarian at least you are not hurting anyone for your food The tomato I have to eat:-

me and mutuals on our way to buy low cal foods

ChiChi is hungry but we don't have any food :(

Foods when you get covid:

Glad I have changed my eating habits. SO, at a celebratory event this weekend I ate those delicious high carb foods I normally stay away from. The energy level the next day was very low. This was an eye opening event. Will eat differently fir the holidays... eating to live well

to my oomfs, take care and don't be too hard on yourself! take a rest when you feel tired! eat healthy foods and don't starve yourself! stay at hime and keep safe! i love you ♡

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Set of 4 Casserole Food Warmer Serving Dish Frame 1: 22000 Frame 2: 16500 Please retweet patronize and refer. Thank you

If I cant decide, I'll let him do it for me✨✨❤️‍🔥 (he has the list of my fav foods IM LUCKY)

op please send us the food <\\3 but yes we must witness sunghoon give the music bank trophy to enhypen 😭😭

TMI: seventeen buys their foods and daily necessities in boxes. For example, they buy detergent and toothpaste in boxes as well as whenever they buy chips, its always 100+ packs below shown how much they buy they have 2 different receipts bc it won’t fit in one 🤣🤣

Now. Little food. After. Job