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we're gonna get love shot ryujin on weekly idol!

"Savage Love (BTS Remix)" enters the Top 200 most-streamed songs on Genie of all time! — it becomes 's 10th entry!

shin ryujin love shot in hd is finally happening!! 😭

"special thanks to our universe, ARMY." "special thanks to our wings, ARMY." "special thanks to the biggest love, ARMY." 🥺🤍

i love that the micro/macrocosm theory is a common motif for bangtan; by anthropomorphising the universe they tell a story of how we both, little and large, contain each other, are a reflection of each other, different but sewn together by the stars and divine order and love

listening to loco and b[oo]m box then love is and mirror

this aotm probably means a lot to hyunjin this man literally came out of the womb to dance like notice how he does a little dancey dance everytime he's happy or dances to show gratitude and love like he did when he came back, he said "born to dance" and took it literally

love this bts astronomy agenda

I just love how Chris stopped at taehyung's part and made the audience listens.. nothing comes close to taehyungs heavenly vocals, his voice embodies the lyrics of the song and matches itself to the tone and its vibe!

shoutout to 2000dominick who tried to start fights with me when i would engage and win here is your montage of being homophobic and failing love you <3

ateez beating all of big 3 i love to see <33

"jisoo was chosen by dior" we love to see it!

Hii~ I hope the one that's reading this is having a good day (if you're not, ilusm keep ur head high love) <3

coldplay music is full of life as bts music is filled with love, i think theyre a perfect match

my universe, a song about someone being told they can’t love a certain person, being released during bisexual visibility month is beyond beautiful

I've been a fan of Coldplay since Viva La Vida & an ARMY since Danger. This song felt so both. It even felt familiar when I first listened to it. It's a hymn to love, sung to yourself & to those you love. You, You are My Universe. You Make My Heart Light Up Inside.

& his genuine love for superbikes! will unleash his passion for biking on the big screens across the world!


I LOVE STAYS 🥳 when i voted the first time, we were at 4th 😂