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Food for thought. 🙃

what did they put in the food at the met gala

🚨 | NEW: Today in Britain • Petrol stations closing - due to lack of fuel • Climate Protestors blocking access to a key port • Food shortages, UK asking Brazil for food • Lorry driver shortage threatening Christmas

You think no food and fuel is bad, imagine the perils of life under free broadband

Gaul's Urban Farm Industry faces 2 problems: unemployment, and lack of access to healthy food since the nuclear winter. Without funding from the Government, it is expected to turn into a crisis as the amount of good quality food continues to shrink in stores across the country.

with her food trucks — a tribute 💔

The genocidal military junta in Myanmar are using a brutal and cruel 4 cuts policy against the entire population of Myanmar with devastating consequences. They are using these 4 cuts policy (cutting food, funds, information and recruitment) through every means possible.

SQUID GAME: 2D1N edition - Smiley PD will eliminate those who sneak out food and eat in secret! 😂

this is the same behavior of net idols who exaggerate their reaction whenever they eat food they get endorsed, so annoying 👊😹 -

Food For Thought.......... CJP ,PM Pakistan........

Hi Guys We're on Glovo and Bolt Foods - Bits Foods Order up!!

[OFFICIAL/TRANS] 210924 ’s Weibo update “The food is really here” Translated by - SM_NCT

call me old-fashioned but i was raised to serve my king. i clean the dishes and cook his food. i do whatever he says bc he is my King and he makes the rules around the house. he owns me. i am his property. if he ever cheats on me it’s bc i was lacking and that’s on me. /c

At this rate, Mamamoo will be known as millionaires that snatch food vouchers & snacks ㅋㅋㅋ PLEASEEEE

naver blog from the owner of Coffee truck BoongBoong who prepared foods for Yerin days ago "I was so nervous because I like gfriend's songs and Yerin so much. she's so pretty like female protagonist character in Japanese cartoon Sailor Moon, who's easy-going and friendly ♡"

On Sep 23 Myanmar military’s subordinate BGF battalion -1013,company (2) has forced 300 residents including underages and women from 4 villages of BeeLin to serve as porters and to carry heavy loads of ammunition and food.

Throwback to Off-Road Challenge 21 organised by Off-Road Trail Club(@offroadtrailclub) on Sunday 19th September. @offroadtrailclub It was a pleasure for Espresso Foods to be a part of this event.

So to recap: We’ve got… 1. Food shortages 2. Driver shortages 3. Gas shortages 4. Fuel shortages 5. Inflation going whizzbangs 6. Self imposed trade war with nearest neighbours. And our Prime Minister thinks he’s “at the top of his game” We’d be better being led by a sock.

Three times in life. If food is kept on the terrace every day, then that crow will eat food every day. - Must watch sadhna tv 7:30 pm.

Vertical indoor farming offers great potential in ensuring food security for a growing population. 🌾 Learn about how analytics, and technological innovation is enabling this new practice