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Jessica William

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mingyu’s face when looking at the food so so cute!!

which would you try? 🫐🍌

Tasty meals of South Korea - a delicious thread 😋 (Cuz I am craving)

Banana Pudding Cheesecake Bars Smash or Pass?

you know the food is good when jungkook starts to look angry

those eyes he give when he's offering foods to the staffs

I will not live in a society in which servers wear masks – clearly servant/serf symbol – while I sit and breathe in comfort as they deliver food and drink to me. That is not democracy. That is not equality. That is not freedom. That symbol horrifies every ideal I've ever held.

Food is important 😭😂

BD gifts for Krist 1. Taylor Guitar 114e Walnut 2. Customized wooden box (Customized guitar straps and customized drumsticks case) 3. Box with customized gifts 4. Money box 5. Food support for Krist, parents & friends 6. Gift for Plu & Muffin

felix’s travel in japan schedule, 1am-8am: sleep in good & comfy bed in japan 8-11 : wanna eat good japanese breakfast 11-3pm : SHOPPING 3-6pm :go around tokyo & look around japan’s only city & food 6-9 : go to japanese rest & eat for 3 hrs at my own pace

If doruk is really staying in that tent. I want to see asiye making him food and giving him warm blanket etc.

nobody: white women on food network: look at that beefy, cheesy goodness

The fight against hunger demands we overcome the cold logic of the market, which is greedily focused on mere economic profit and the reduction of food to a commodity, and strengthening the logic of solidarity.

. Farmers provides food to every person . so that no one hungry with for food.

equates to production of healthy food safe for human consumption hence a healthy planet.

Back home and almost done eating then mom calls from her room; Mom: David, the food in that plate is for you and your brother oo Me:

Today is ! Food is... 🥬health 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 family 🥮 tradition 🕊️ hope 🌏 adventure 🥨culture What does food mean to you?

Thanku Farmers.... You Not Only Give Food But Also Life Provider

Bea: Please warm some food am on my way. Her: 🍑🍑🤣😂😂

Its time to thank the food givers- the farmers of our nation who spend days n nights just to feed us Its time to realize their efforts n regard them

Without farmers we will have no food. Save Indian farmers.

The farmers of our great nation provide the food & fabric that bind us together. Similar to our artisanal miners, it is by their labor & dedication we thrive. Today in Oromia, I appreciate the farmers that like others around the country are fighting for our self sustainability!

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