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NESCAFÈ X GULF FOOD SUPPORT Dessert Box - Chocolate Fudge Cake - Thai Tea Cake - Banana Lover Cake Drinks - Thai Tea - Strawberry Milk

The team/staff asked “Why is there a lot of food? Is it sent by Gulf’s fans? Why are they(Fc) so nice🥺?” Then they keep praising, get excited over it and can’t stop smiling

24th September is being celebrated as NSS Foundation Day and to celebrate that we have organized Recipe Competition for students and the theme was Nutritive food for pregnant women Where students prepared healthy mouth watering dishes and explained their nutritive values.

from clothing brands, to food, to beverages and now jewelries?! ✨🤩

NESCAFÉ x GULF Food support ✨🤍 Onigiri cake & mochi for our babe mochi 🥢🤏🏻 From and I ✨ | | 🤍☕️|

Food Support for NESCAFÉ X GULF ☕️ Hope you will enjoy the special set that prepared for you na 🥰 For Gulf: 🌻North Thai Special Set 🌻Fruit + Thai Dessert​ 🌻Dimsum​ Set 🌻Roasted Pork ♥️ From: & 🇨🇳🇲🇾

Our president Cyril Ramaphosa spoke on heritage day spoke about clothes and food deliberately omitted land

Ah I remembered Jennie sent the food truck in Squid Game last July 2020 and then she said in Knowing Brothers last October 2020 that she met Lee Jung Jae once and told him about the JaeHee-Jennie name and her mom being a fan.

Three times in life. If food is kept on the terrace every day, then that crow will eat food every day. - Must watch sadhna📺 7:30 pm.

[INSTAGRAM] 210925 hoooooyeony mentions Jennie under Netflix Korea post for Squid Game The cast mentions Jennie and the food truck she sent while visiting the set. 🔗

Congratulations for achieving another milestone as The Newest Presenter of 💚🌻 We hope you & your team will enjoy our food support for lunch! 🥰🇮🇩 Indonesia Sayang Adek Kana = Indonesia Love Nong Kana 🇮🇩

Whoaaa so many food support from fans cr : ig uknowwhan

the team are not expecting so many gift and food support 🤣 i think phiballs are getting revenge for all the time they not allowed to send gift 🤣 su su na phi and team !

spouse went in to order Indian food and was taking forever so I went in too and confirmed I was getting the 5 star spice level i wanted and the SADNESS on that man's face when he brought it out and realised who it was for and that it would not hurt anyone tonight was just special

If supplies cannot get through on the ground, couldn’t the American-led coalition simply airdrop food into the besieged towns?

(1/3) I was in a meeting with an Indian man who runs 4 bonjour stores and a large catering kitchen in Rhodes park. He asked me to put out word to anyone who might be interested in getting assorted pies & other Indian foods at wholesale price (You don't need startup capital) and

Animals are friends and not food.

God has not ordered to eat meat. God has provided seeds for the food and all those trees which contain seeds along with fruits. For More details visit :- Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel