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Jessica William

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Got a key worker letter today so I can get petrol. Panic in the nursing home. Boss on 2 million pa. Staff on minimum wage. Patients pay £2500pw. Spam on dinner menu. Food budget £3 per day per patient. Company making a loss. Hands up if you think my CEO needs to do a shift or two

I cannot endure the idiocy of having to be masked while in line for food at a grab-and-go place, when everybody sitting and eating is unmasked. I just can't.

// nsfw art , food play Fun times with Pizza Boy Jsvng 🍕🍕🍕

🥊🥊**ATTENTION PLEASE** 🥊🥊Come join us Saturday Oct 9th for the Much Anticipated Trilogy Match of Tyson Fury 🇬🇧vs Deontay Wilder III 🇺🇸 for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. With Sound 🔊. Great Food & Drink Specials. ******No Reservations******

As petition approaches 30,000 I am calling Government to give initial response which condemns cruel whale & dolphin slaughter in Faroes, states this has no justification on grounds culture or sustainable sea food & trade relations will be impacted if hunts continue

Today's Lolita of the day is Crepe from Food Fantasy! Her style is Sweet Lolita!

someone looking at this video, needs $500 to buy food for the month ! And you will get it!

Food and drinks companies in the UK are switching to locally sourced ingredients as a way to reach net zero Great to see!

Before I was elected I stood with members to call for a £15 hourly wage for fast food workers Now that I have been elected I stand with them still.

Here's her girls, I couldn't get them to play. They were really hungry, they really like can cat food. They need to be fixed, & given choice to stay in barn or be with their mommie ♥️🐈

Biggie did you give Pere and Angel good food 😭😭 Hope they haven't been eating only groundnuts since ?

remember to eat well !!, enjoy your favorite foods 🥪🍔🌮🌯🍕🍝🥧 and put bad thoughts aside, every effort you make is something incredible remember it, camille and louis are proud of you and how brave you are 💗💗🌷🌷🌷🐣💭

Remember to eat all the colors of the rainbow. Healthier, smarter food choices include chocolate. Sweetened only with fruit sugars, RED has fewer calories and less fat than other brands. REDiscover what chocolate is. Indulge smarter.

I hate that all possible jobs are almost on the other side of town, half of my income will be spent on public transport 😑 I swear Im this close to go take a job at Burger King, like in the memes about college graduates working in fast food chains.

Mr d food delivery cla45 amg

Communal Narratives & Fake News: On The iD Fresh Foods Incident & Our Islamophobia

This small hut made of grass is home of Moinul Haque, a Muslim man who was killed by police in Darang, Assam. Despite being very poor they provided food for other poor people. Moinul Haque is survived by his wife and kids