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Jessica William

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John Doe

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Drawing her makes me feel better, I love her smile ✨

i can't smile

i think we all agree that kim junkyu has the prettiest smile ever.

love u poppy thank u for alw making us smile

The smile says it all! 😊 Check out the contemporary and classy Shubha Mangalyam collection from Jos Alukkas, which has one of the freshest & trendiest bridal jewellery designs I have ever seen! A true beauty to adorn!

ㅤㅤ ISANDRO ZEUS PALMES — from @chamwonjin_s’ behind of our smiles au. — strictly-ic. ‘00 liner. — mirrored lit. cursing. — n/sfw - profanities. fil / eng. — rt / like to be mutuals ㅤㅤ

In the webdrama 파트타임 멜로 (literal translation: Part-time Melodrama) Eunsang will be acting as the cute maknae named Kang Ha-woon, a liberal arts student who is "in charge of emotions" & attacks women's hearts with his refreshing smile Airing on Seezn in the 2nd half of 2021

I want this smile to stay with me for a long time.🥺🌷

chaeyoung’s cute and little smile when jeongyeon patted her head 🥺

A happy moment can last a lifetime if you remember to smile when you think of it OTSOgether WITH DANDIFAM

I've learnt smile and good morning goes along way, and saying thank you goes even further.. I thank God For Everything. 🙏🏽

The way he looks at her as if her smile is the only thing that could possibly matter❤ Bring back my old (still hoping the best for them)

THAT SMILE. i am so weak for him </3

super ganda mo pati smile mo I love you! 🥺💘

The aura, the smile and the sunshine personality is enough to vote this person. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny day, he doesn’t Forget his beautiful smile. I vote of for

“ i love the way it feel, i love the way you smile.”

HOME💜 Them wearing a shy smile, in their presence, and the reason being THEM! Adorns the frame pretty perfect 🤧🙈💜

Seulgi’s smile is so contagious <3