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Year, at test will be yours. Hold on, and M88 Therefore never a food buyer, have the power of words as BB ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕ $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ ؟؟؟ سِـيِّفُـيِّ LOVE90 نِمَشٍيِّ HM9 ♡♡♡ ؟؟؟؟ ^^^^^

Its foods. Passby and enjoy some yummy meals😘😋 Located in Kiswa Bugolobi Follow and Call in for orders and deliveries 0702649999...

🐶🐰: "it's a really good day today. it's lee know hyung's birthday. try eating food that a different member that's not yourself makes. ah of course i won't make you food. happy birthday~"

Jun calling Mingyu and Dino in his latest vlog🥺💘 he showed the food he's eating

🥟🐰: "oh~ lee know~ is it your birthday~? happy birthday. eat a lot of delicious foods and live your life feeling full. anyway happy birthday and i love you ♡ ;;;"

seungmin's birthday wish to leeknow: 'today is really a good day. it's leeknow hyung's birthday. Today, you should eat the food that other members make instead of the food that you make. Ah of course I won't make it for you. happy birthday~'

The war on beef is not about the planet. It’s about centralized control of the food supply - to control all of us.

"let's get food" is literally my love language

"i dont like spicy foods" 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

Jun went to eat luosifen and he sent pictures to SEVENTEEN’s groupchat. Mingyu and Dino then called him and Jun showed him the things he ordered! Jun said “as expected, the best way to lure them is by food

happy birhtday to our dancer, singer, rapper, mc, cat owner, chef & pro idol — lee know! thank you so much for working hard and I hope you spend this day well & full of happiness! please eat lots of delicious food and have fun. we love u ^^

Brexit Year 2: No food in our shops Massive turds floating in our rivers

Taken United fans 2 minutes to start singing “Sign On” yet we’ve just taken a shitload of food to help feed residents of Manchester. Scruffy twats.

hyunjin: oh~ leeknow~ is it your bday (informal speech)~? happy bday~! eat lots of delicious food and live a full life~! anyways happy birthday and i love you ❤️;;;

I'll turn on a 2 hour movie just to eat my food in 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

...The madness of?? life is tired, this one cannot sleep with her unless she goes to the water in the morning. Good food is considered to be hi M44 ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕ $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ ؟؟؟ فوغا كلوسيت ستايلي NN1 ♡♡♡ ؟؟؟؟ ^^^^^ For the gMaryWhite heart...

jun took photos of the food and sent it to svt immediately, then vid called mingyu and dino and showed them the food 😭🐱: sure enough, using food to tempt them is the best method 🤣🤣🤣

a short compilation of treasure members feeding asahi + sharing food 🤍

fuse: let's date for 10 seconds hyojin: after i eat fuse: let's be married for 10 seconds hyojin: after i eat fuse: i should've been born as food hyojin: ayy~ fuse: fuse lost to food hyojin: no~ how can i compare food to fuse? food is food, fuse is fuse

This food truck has a golden retriever that comes out and delivers the snacks 😂😂

Alhamdulillah, we’re blessed with these HALAL foods. 😍