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Jessica William

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This is amazing. What a legend. Smart little lad!

🐧: as for <frost>... really... as for the filming, i remember we did it in early september? no, late august? we've already seen (the mv) beforehand. when i saw it... the quality was amazing 👍. +

💙: Please tell me to do well on my final exams. I'm aiming to be first among the class Ryeowook: That's amazing. First place? First place... You're already first place now. You're first place, for me.

👤Shownu oppa was once asked "Would the fans know about the hardships we face offcam?" and he replied "The fans don't have to know. They just need to see the good things and enjoy themselves." 🐹Shownu hyung said this? Wahh.. he's a really amazing person

"Providing good medical care to save lives is important. But so too is ensuring everyone has a good death." ❤️ Thank you for this incredible must-read article & to & Kieran Quinn for your amazing work. 🙏🏾

Amazing that Talk Radio: 1) Voluntarily chose to put this out. 2) Apparently believed this made the guest, rather than the host, look bad.

THE MANDALORIAN (2020) Cinematography by Baz Idoine Directed by Jon Favreau From "Chapter 9: The Marshall" Watch the amazing VFX reel for this show via :

cheers to more years w these amazing peeps 🥂

jungkook is seriously an AMAZING dancer and that white outfit was chef's kiss

Seungkwan's cover of 'Hey Mama' from Amazing Saturday came out on Street Woman Fighter!!

I have been watching you since I was a child, looking upto you as our superstar uncle. But here you are setting bars so high for all of us to be inspired from. You are an amazing actor & even an amazing human being. May you get every prestigious award in the world!

Amazing 3D NFT art They just started and first 100 early caps gets a chance to win free a NFT! Join their discord:

{} Taehyung, a cold and divorced CEO, meets Jungkook, a college student who’s in love with life and willing to show Taehyung how amazing it can be. No one said it was going to be easy, but Jungkook didn’t expected to be so hard.

I continue to live rent free in their heads. It is really, really amazing how obsessed they are with the idea that citizens being able to vote is a threat to their chances of winning elections.

The road to success is not easy to navigate,but with hard work,drive & passion,we can achieve it all. The reception i got at the Charge & Bail Cinema experience was amazing. Thank you Patriots for showing up. Don’t forget, Movie is still in cinemas. Love you all!

I'm really happy and had such an amazing time performing at I regret those times when I've chosen ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ• $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ ستايلي سِـيِّفُـيِّ OMG

I love to see in the Trends!👏🏽 433.000 Tweets about 🔁 This is amazing we are very strong & and you belong to it!❤️🔥

To my friends that are scrolling by: Hey you, yes you reading this. You’re valid, ily, you’re doing great. You look amazing. I will tell you all the time. Keep being amazing. 💜

[CLAP VIEWS UPDATE] Current views: 97,012,878🔥 Clap has hit 97M! Carats you’re amazing🎉 let's hit 100M soon and the special gift will be coming at us🔥✨ MV Link:

Thank you . What a roller-coaster journey! Thank you to all the production team, to all actors for their amazing and remakeable acting, thank you.. Thank you for everything.