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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Angel have been begging BEAUTRICEto vibes with her since morning. That girl is bitter ANGEL FREE HER ABEG 😞

mum ive done it again. ive mugged off another girl

Faye girl you kissed someone in the challenge

Mum I don’t know which girl to choose

mary suddenly realising she’s the fourth girl that toby has treated like shit on this show

The producers are fucking rude for allowing my girl Faye to go on national telly with that harsh contour

Lillie is the definition of "Hey girl, I know you don't know me but..."

Tbf, Faye doesn’t even know that Teddy kissed Mary as the girl he fancies the most… I do think she should let it go but her anger isn’t TOTALLY baseless even with context

the girls asking themselves what the fuck was in the water... this fucking parasite

I repeat Jackie B is the most beautiful girl in that house. Baby abeg pepper 🌶 them with your banging body 🔥 A Queen 👑 i over stan.

WHY do boys have to hurt the one they “love” to realise how they feel? it’s happened to me, it’s happened to literally every girl i know like it’s the fucking worst excuse in the book

whys this new girl tryna escuse liams actions? 🤨

I've had the most amazing birthday, and then this happened... Thank you for the follow and thank you for making an old Gooner Girl happy on her birthday..❤️❤️❤️

: the girl i love most in the whole 🌎

millie is my kind of white girl

Toby's dating behaviour isn't all that shocking. He sees something shinier and prettier, so he pivots. What's funny is that each girl thinks they're the exception.

Hugo’s girl aint snitchin properly

me after listening to Cinnamon Girl:

Lampent Girl...

No because its scary how Liam thought he could kiss another girl and share a bed with her behind Millie's back then just come back to he like nothing happened. Is this how guys act on a lads holiday?