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Jessica William

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'Heartless' day care center teacher is charged with assault after he is caught on camera aggressively shoving a four-year-old girl to the ground

No because I think we all need to take a second to actually acknowledge how much she has done for us this 2021. BEST girl Jeongyeon.

Fantasy Mirror 【-The Girl Hidden in the Seep Sea-】 Lolita OP Dress Set and Its Matching Accessories Are Back In Stock. ◆ Shopping Link >>> ◆ Very Limited Quantity!!! Ready In Stock, Quick Delivery!!!

Anitta performando Girl From Rio em Miami no evento da Latin Billboard // by kath.8.6.r

—and that’s the nation’s girl group

Hyejin attempted to cross the imaginary line Dusik drew with a barrage of questions we’ve been asking ourselves. She failed. But given her personality, I’m sure our girl will keep attempting until she makes it through to the other side. 💕

Yukimaru sure knows how to get a girl’s heart racing!💓 Does this count as his confession?? 😳😳😳

today i drawed a slime girl in drawpile

Anitta singing "Girl From Rio" on


playing her stretching music and doing "hot girl shit" after singing to disney/musical songs 🤣🖤🔥

Nvm I'm gonna make bun girl in another kind of style Here wip now going to class

I need this on vinyl girl

Anitta cantando “Girl From Rio” na Billboard En Vivo.

That girl was right I have a big ass

Drop a picture of your muse, And ♡ + RT if ya want ! See how Much the laziest girl around likes ya .

buff alt girl lovers wya

... "TWICE is the Girl Group with the best visual among girl groups" THE FEELS CONCEPT PHOTO 4