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Jessica William

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Interested he food for Christians But. Nothing had deserving in its ❤️🔥 ... <<كٕوٍٓدٓ >>... TT NNN خٕصٌّٓمٓ نٕمِٰشِٓيُ ؟؟؟ ❤️‍🔥

"our luvies, have a good chuseok, have a good time with your family, and eat a lot of delicious food. happy chuseok. i'll do insta live soon." 💙 OMG WENDY INSTA LIVE SOON YALL 🫂😭

The median fast-food worker makes $24,540 a year with zero benefits. Meanwhile, chains that make billions in profits and pay CEOs $30 million a year have seen revenue surge. If you think "that's not my problem," you subsidize their low pay through food stamps and Medicaid.

Let’s be honest - it’s a food bank in one of the richest unitary authorities in England and in one of the richest places in that area. What a mess we are in.

Please need help for my brother, his very ill now cannot take foods but a drops of fluids and his bleeding now from his mouth and nose 🙏 Please share this post to reach heartedly kind people to donate prayers and financial support 🙏Gcash/Coins.Ph 09275668535 Alma R Siodina

Afghanistan is on my mind. All those executed o/night, tortured now, girls raped as concubines/sex slaves called “marriage”, our friends/allies w children in hiding who’ve run out of food/money/ many wondering if they’ll see the men/boys taken from their homes again…

Ways to be a non-conformist in 2021: - Avoid porn - Build muscle - Eat whole foods - Turn off the news - Define your values - Accept responsibility - Respect your parents - Don't carry a cc balance - Build a loving, happy family What else would you add?

iu trying the food she made

$30 wristbands on site include food & drink. starting Sunday at 8 AM. Red lot 5A @ the ⚡️terrible tailgate⚡️

New: UK-wide shortage of dry ice causing Ocado to not being able to sell frozen foods. Brexit + 10 times higher level of COVID infection rate than Continental Europe = lorry driver shortage.

Today's feature our CEO, Jeff Wassmer's favorite things. Type of food and/or restaurant: Italian Song and/or musician: How Great Thou Art Season: Spring Day of the Year: Thanksgiving Book: Spy or anything John Grisham T.V. show: Dateline/Forensic Files

ok but listen. only CL would get invited to the met, not give a fuck about who was attending, rock up late, pose anyway, ignore her table, ignore the food, and then disappear afterwards making her fans think she might have passed out in an alleyway like?

Food taste so much better when someone else feeds you

I want to leave tomorrow for nature, admire the sky, read a paper book and not buy food in the supermarket 📚🍃🌝

today is filled with whole foods and fitness

I don’t know I’m so addicted to cold food, gimme hot food and I will leave it till it’s cold before eating it. Don’t know if I’m the only one with such addictions?.

kiankore eating baby food as a “premtive strike” (direct quote)

The Mountain Youth Group in Namphatka, Kutkai Tsp is sharing food and medicine yo struggling villagers in the area who are in need of food, medicine & shelters.

My fridge will be able to print food for me!?